Creepshow season 4, episode 3 recap: “Parent Death Trap” and “To Grandmother’s House We Go”

Creepshow season four - Courtesy Shudder
Creepshow season four - Courtesy Shudder /

Available on Shudder and AMC, Creepshow season 4, episode 3 potentially delivers another spine-chilling duo of horror stories that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. In “Parent Death Trap,” we delve into the unsettling life of Lyle Veljohnson (Dylan Sloane), while “To Grandmother’s House We Go” takes us on a terrifying journey with Mrs. Marcia Higgins (Keegan Connor Tracy) and her unexpected encounter with the supernatural.

Creepshow season 4, episode 3 recap: Parent Death Trap

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The episode of Creepshow kicks off with Lyle Veljohnson, a character born into a life devoid of parental warmth. His uncaring parents, Archibald (Shaughnessy Redden) and Gloria (Loretta Walsh), set him up on a disastrous prom date with the wealthy Violet Myers (Chloe Babcook).

Lyle’s night takes a dark turn when his parents’ cat, Churchill, wreaks havoc on his bed, an omen of a gruesome series of events set to unfold. Frustrated with his parents’ interference in his personal life and their constant down talking and nagging, Lyle takes matters into his own hands.

In a fit of rage, he attempts to decapitate his father with one swift motion, only to find the blade dull and lodging halfway into Archibald’s neck, adding a grim sense of irony to the act as his father insults him for not sharpening the sword correctly. His mother walks in to see the carnage, but her concern lies more with the mess than the murder, and she meets a similar fate.

Lyle disposes of their bodies in a lake, unaware that his deceased parents would return as ghosts to haunt him for four agonizing years.

Creepshow season 4, episode 3 recap: Violet (and violence) returns

Violet Myers, the girl who stood him up at prom, becomes the catalyst for Lyle’s redemption. As they connect in a grocery store, the ghosts of his parents intensify their nagging torment (though only Lyle can see them).

After Lyle and Violet get reacquainted, special agents Ella (Andrea Drepaul) and Mann (Ed Chow) enter the picture, knocking on the door and inquiring about Lyle’s parents and a mysterious company called Midwich Financial. Violet reveals the dark truth about her family’s downfall, with her father being a scam artist, while Lyle conceals his own sinister secrets.

The climax arrives (literally) as Lyle and Violet share an intimate moment, prompting the ghosts to temporarily depart. However, the detectives persist, and the main characters eventually learn the disturbing reality behind Lyle’s fabricated story.

Threats of suicide lead to an intervention from the ghostly parents, paving the way for Lyle and Violet to reconcile. The truth about Midwich Financial unfolds, and a shocking twist reveals Violet has poisoned him.

She had also murdered her parents and faked their disappearance. As the police locate all of the parental bodies in a nearby lake, an apparently dying Lyle discloses that there is no inheritance for Violet.

In a sinister turn of events, Lyle’s ghost parents’ exact revenge on Violet, leading authorities to believe in a murderous conspiracy. However, they have intervened to save Lyle’s life in the nick of time.

But he seems to be forever haunted by this gaggle of annoying ghosts, as a fitting punishment for his initial execution of mommy and daddy dearest.

Creepshow season 4, episode 3 recap: To Grandmother’s House We Go

In the second Creepshow tale, “To Grandmother’s House We Go,” we enter the life of Mrs. Marcia Higgins, recently widowed and eager to secure her deceased husband’s wealth. Marcia’s disdain for her inherited daughter, Ruby (Emma Oliver), sets the stage for a macabre series of events.

After a failed date with a Christmas tree salesman named Benny (Jason McKinnon), and a waitress named Carla (Amanda Huxtable), suggests bad things will happen to Marcia, who is dismissed as a “gold digger” who only married an older, richer man to inherit his wealth. There is a pivotal moment for Marcia when the estate manager, Belinda (Marion Eisman), who is also Ruby’s grandmother, informs her that Ruby is set to inherit everything.

This reignites Marcia’s desire for proximity to wealth. However, a fateful night drive takes a terrifying turn as a wolf creature (Jason Bell) attacks her car, leading to a struggle for survival.

As the creature kidnaps Ruby, Marcia’s desperation and determination escalate. A gruesome confrontation unfolds, revealing the (perhaps) shocking truth about the wolf’s identity as Carla.

In a horrifying twist, after Marcia successfully returns Ruby to her grandmother’s house, Ruby transforms into a little werewolf, turning the tables on Marcia and sealing her fate in a gruesome finale.


Creepshow season 4, episode 3 delivers a double dose of horror with “Parent Death Trap” and “To Grandmother’s House We Go,” exploring themes of betrayal, revenge, and supernatural terror. These tales showcase the dark side of human nature and the haunting consequences that follow.

Brace yourselves for an unsettling ride through the twisted narratives of Creepshow. You can also find Creepshow comics, and a video game is in the works.

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