The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 6 recap “Wanga Banga Langa!”

The Santa Clauses. Image courtesy Disney/James Clark
The Santa Clauses. Image courtesy Disney/James Clark /

The season 2 finale of The Santa Clauses has arrived, and it is as magical and heartwarming as I hoped it would be. It’s time for Santa and Mad Santa to battle, which means the return of the dreaded gnomes.

But what about Cal’s current wooden nutcracker state? And where is that amulet?

We can’t wait another second, let’s dive in!

The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 6 recap – Battle preparations

While Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive to Kris’ Santa theme park, the elves discover that Mad Santa is on his way. Because Betty is still on her Kribble Krabble, Noel remains in charge.

Instead of cowering with fear, he decides to be brave and declares that they will give Mad Santa a fight. Coming to the realization that she’ll have to face Olga once again, Betty decides to leave Edie in charge of the elves.

Meanwhile, Santa and Mrs. Claus find Cal as a wooden nutcracker and rescue Kris. Using a little bit of magic, Santa is able to use Kris’ fake sleigh and plastic reindeer to fly them, Kris in tow, to La Befana, hoping she will know how to change Cal back.

When they arrive, La Befana reveals that she can’t change him back, but Sandra probably can with the amulet. Trouble is they have no idea where to find it.

Thankfully they do know that it is in the North Pole. Everyone splits up, with Sandra and Mrs. Claus searching for the amulet and Santa taking nutcracker Cal, while also getting ready to face Mad Santa.

The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 6 recap – The final battle

When Santa does face Mad Santa it becomes a hilarious battle of bothering each other. Santa wants his office a certain way, Mad Santa doesn’t.

Mad Santa takes wooden nutcracker Cal to be a bully, Santa distracts him and retrieves his son back. It’s actually hilarious when you realize that while they are simply acting like children, the actual children AKA: elves are the ones preparing for battle.

Olga and Betty have some crazy battle outside on the frozen landscape before falling into Santa’s workshop. Their battle concludes when Olga reveals how jealous she was of Betty and the elves because of their ability to make toys.

Betty uses this opportunity to befriend Olga and use her finished products, like ink toner, to make a toy. When the gnomes arrive ready to fight, they change the game by wanting to defend Santa Scott and not Mad Santa.

Turns out after Mad Santa was defeated, Noel made the decision to approach the gnomes and ask for peace. They agreed.

So, everything should be wrapping up nicely, right? Wrong!

Mad Santa found the amulet, the detailed mug that Santa has been using since he first had hot chocolate Judy made in The Santa Clause. Naturally he finds it just as Sandra is able to sense it’s magic.

You’d think that’d make him undefeatable until Sandra is able to channel all good thoughts making her magic stronger. She turns Cal back into a human and he steals the mug.

Now the battle is finally over but what happens next?

The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 6 recap – Merry Christmas

Well, Mad Santa does some self-reflection and with some forgiveness from Santa, he and Kris work together to keep the Santa theme park going strong. Olga and Mad Santa decide to part ways, as they do bring out the worst in each other.

Olga will stay at the North Pole and probably learn how to make toys. Turns out she and the gnomes weren’t as bad as the elves once thought.

But their disgust has moved towards trolls. As for Santa and his family, he decides to give Cal a prom of his own, which includes Riley as his date.

Apparently, Santa was able to convince her to come and give Cal another chance. The North Pole is transformed into a prom with the elves partaking in the dancing and singing.

Santa, realizing that he didn’t have Cal’s best interest at heart, as Mad Santa noted, decides to change that. He allows his son to be able to enjoy the world outside of the North Pole, which includes going to college, and deciding for himself what he wants to do with his life.

That same night, Santa allows Betty and Noel to leave together and finally have their honeymoon in the busy and bright New York City. Assumably, Sandra will continue her training with La Befana and all ends on a happy, festive, positive Merry Christmas from Santa and his family.

The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 6 review

That’s a wrap, or is it? The season 2 finale did not end on a cliffhanger or clues as to what could happen in a possible season 3.

At the same time, the season finale did not address who would become the next Santa once Scott retires. A majority of the season was focused on Santa training Cal, who wanted the role but also wanted to live a normal life, spending time with Riley.

Although Santa does appear quite sad when he allows Cal to experience the real world again, it does not address who will become the next Santa. Considering Betty and Noel left the North Pole indefinitely, who will be the Head Elf?

Santa didn’t seem to pass that role onto anyone either. But for what it’s worth, the season 2 finale was merry and bright!

We knew Santa and Mad Santa aren’t going to kill each other, same with the elves and gnomes. It had to end on family friendly terms which worked fairly well.

If I had any real complaint with the season, it was that Kris needed more character development. Sometimes it felt as though his character wasn’t really defined in the writer’s room and he simply existed to be cheerful and positive, without bringing anything else to the table.

He didn’t even get to convince his dad that Santa Claus was real. I was waiting for that moment all season, but it never came.

The show needs more Kris. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised that The Santa Clauses checked off every box for a successful Christmas-themed show.

In today’s world, Christmas films, television shows, specials or special-themed episodes are a dime a dozen with only a few truly able to embody the holiday. If you haven’t seen The Santa Clauses yet, do so this holiday season.

I truly hope it will get renewed for another season of humor, magic, and Christmas merriment.

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