3 crime documentaries to stream if you enjoyed Tell Them You Love Me

Step aside, Baby Reindeer, there's a new crime doc on Netflix subscribers are going for their trauma cravings, and that's Tell Them You Love Me.
What Jennifer Did. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024
What Jennifer Did. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

The Baby Reindeer hype has died down, but Netflix did not waste any time presenting subscribers with a new disturbing crime doc, Tell Them You Love Me. And folks, this one is truly something! I mean it, this new doc really told Baby Reindeer to have a seat!

Now, one big difference here is that Tell Them You Love Me is not a series, it's a documentary that runs for approximately one hour and 42 minutes, and it first came out in 2023. But you know the way Netflix works, a series or movie can be discovered on the streamer long after they first premiered. This seem to be the case for Tell Them You Love Me. So whoever found this and got it trending on TikTok, thanks for putting it on our radar.

Tell Them You Love Me centers on a controversial relationship that raised eyebrows and major concerns. The relationship was between Derrick Johnson, a Black man with cerebral palsy who has never been able to communicate, and Anna Stubblefield, a white, competent woman who was hired to be Derrick's caretaker. Oh, and did we mention he is nonverbal? Needless to say, this would concern anyone. In the documentary description, Netflix adds that this relationship led to "a nationwide debate over power dynamics, disability, and race." The documentary shares footage, interviews, and testimonies from both Stubblefield and members of Derrick's family.

No spoilers here, though! If you haven't already watched Tell Them You Love Me, you need to! An once you do and find yourself craving for similar content, we've got your back!

What Jennifer Did (Netflix)

What Jennifer Did tells the chilling and disturbing story of Jennifer Pan that shook the nation. Jennifer was a star, model student who excelled in all of her classes and had a promising future. But not everything is what it appears to be, though I'm sure no one could have imagined the truth. What sits behind every success story is not always the same. What Jennifer Did documents what led Jennifer to do such a horrible crime and the investigation that followed. Expect the unexpected when you watch What Jennifer Did, from twists, turns, and a rollercoaster of emotions. The doc includes interviews and never-before-seen footage.

Mercy Alone
Under The Bridge -- “Mercy Alone” - Episode 108 -- The last opportunity for justice arrives as all the participants reckon with their true involvement in the events that transpired. A radical choice of forgiveness allows for closure. Reena (Vritika Gupta), shown. (Photo by: Darko Sikman/Hulu) /

Under the Bridge (Hulu)

Based on the tragic murder of teen Reena Virk, Under the Bridge on Hulu is a crime drama without a happy ending, much like most shows and movies in the genre. Now, because this is a drama, a lot of story points are dramatized or created to add to the story, but the center of the story is true. The series shares what happened from start to end over eight episodes all now streaming on Hulu.

Icarus (Netflix)

Directed by Bryan Fogel, Icarus centers on Fogel, an amateur cyclist and filmmaker who decides to document to use of hormone and performance-enhancing drugs. Part of his investigation sees Fogel using these drugs to experiment if they help him in cycling. But talk about an unexpected twist! What began as Fogel's personal project took a hard turn when he went to speak with Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, head of the Russian anti-doping program for the World Anti-Doping Agency. What unfolds is a scandal bigger than anyone could have predicted.

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