The 4 best shows to watch on Max in May 2024

Some of our picks include Hacks season 3 and Pretty Little Liars: Summer School.
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A new month is always an exciting time in the streaming world because that means there's a slew of new and returning shows making their debut! There's so many options out there, but we're here to help narrow down the list for you. There's four new series' and seasons coming to Max in May 2024 that we think you should check out. Read on below for the details!

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Hacks season 3

Release date: Thursday, May 2

The return of this dramedy is one I think many of are looking forward to! Hacks season 3 is finally coming on Thursday, May 2, 2024 after almost a year of the season 2 finale. The show revolves around the working relationship between seasoned comedian Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) and young comedy writer Ava Daniels (Hannah Einbinder). At the beginning of the series, we see that Deborah has to update her act or else she'll lose her residency in Las Vegas. Enter Ava, who isn't able to find work and becomes the established comedian's head writer. The two start off very rocky, but learn to work together and help each other professionally and personally. Though the season does end with Ava sending a negative email about Deborah to the production company.

In season 2, Deborah finds out about the email but doesn't fire Ava. But she does tell her she's suing her for breaking her NDA. The two continue to work together and get closer, and all that work pays off by the end of the season with Deborah's new comedy special, My Bad, being a success. It sells out in minutes and all the different networks want the rights to it. We end on a bittersweet note with Deborah firing Ava so she can explore different opportunities, and also drops the charges against her.

It seemed like Hacks season 3 was going to see the dynamic duo apart, but based on the trailer it looks like it won't last for long. Though the logline released by Max reads "a year after parting, Deborah is riding high off the success of her standup special while Ava pursues new opportunities back in Los Angeles," onscreen I don't think we'll see them separated for long. Yes, there's the time jump. But Ava is clearly going to get back to work with Deborah as seen in the trailer.

What new adventure is in store? We'll find out soon! The 9-episode season drops with the first two episodes on premiere day, followed by two new episodes weekly until the finale on May 30. Returning cast and characters include Paul W. Downs as Jimmy, Megan Stalter as Kayla, Carl Clemons-Hopkins as Marcus, Kaitlin Olson as Deborah "DJ" Vance Jr., Christopher McDonald as Marty, Mark Indelicato as Damien, Rose Abdoo as Josefina, and Lorenza Izzo as Ruby. New cast members are Helen Hunt, Christina Hendricks, Christopher Lloyd, Dan Bucatinsky, George Wallace, and Tony Goldwyn as guest stars.

Selena Gomez in Food Network's Selena + Restaurant_2
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Selena + Restaurant (New)

Release date: Thursday, May 2

If you watched Selena + Chef which started during the pandemic where Selena Gomez learned how to cook virtually from different talented artists in the kitchen, then Selena + Restaurant is going to be familiar and a treat for you fellow fans. The pop star is ready to take what she learned outside of the home and get right into the kitchen of some of the most known chefs and restaurants in the Los Angeles area. And of course her bestie Raquelle Stevens is along for the ride.

During the six episodes, two of which will be released each week, "chefs Shirley Chung, Keith Corbin, Stephanie Izard, Andrew & Michelle Muñoz, Wolfgang Puck, and Marcel Vigneron" will teach Selena what she needs to know, per a press release. And if it's enough, her dish will even make it on their restaurants menu! Each pro in the kitchen will also be able to choose a charity of their choice that Selena will donate to. Here's the description for the first two episodes provided by Warner Bros. Discovery:

"In the premiere episode, Selena and Raquelle head to Chef Wolfgang Puck's restaurant, CUT Steakhouse, in Beverly Hills. Thrown straight into the fire, Selena must pass an initial test and master one of Wolfgang’s classic dishes before creating her take on a spicy seafood dish in a bid to have it placed on the menu. Then, it’s off to the kitchen of Los Angeles Dumpling Queen Shirley Chung, who welcomes Selena into her restaurant, Ms Chi, where the two make a fusion version of a beloved dish from Selena's childhood. Selena, Raquelle and Shirley fold dumplings and dance around the kitchen as Selena attempts to deliver a dish good enough to make the menu."

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Pretty Little Liars: Summer School (Season 2)

Release date: Thursday, May 9

The little liars are back with a second season on Max! The first installment was titled Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. And no, Summer School is not a new show or spin-off. It's the same series, but the second season got a new title to focus on the story of the season. Before we get into that, here's a refresher on what happened in Original Sin.

The first season's finale was jam-packed, with many revelations. Tabby and Imogen find out that Chip is the one who assaulted them, and it's revealed that Principal Clanton is Angela's father and the one who came up with "A." But the real figure behind the mask is Angela's twin brother Archie. Imogen has her baby, and we find out that Aria and Ezra - yup the Aria and Ezra from the original PLL - are the ones who adopted the baby in Rosewood. Though the stars don't make an onscreen cameo. Finally, the cliffhanger is that Archie escapes after being caught, and attacks Chip (who had also been arrested). It's not known if Chip is still alive or not.

Alright, onto Pretty Little Liars: Summer School. Per a press release, the main group of five girls - Bailee Madison as Imogen, Chandler Kinney as Tabby, Zaria as Faran, Malia Pyles as Minnie "Mouse", and Maia Reficco as Noa - "face a fate worse than death: summer school." Their time is mostly going to be spent at Millwood High, which isn't great news for them since the girls would rather spend their time at their "fun summer jobs" and with "new, dreamy love interests." But that's the least of their worries when a new villain, "who may or may not have a connection to A," arrives and they're all going to have to face him/her together.

Elsewhere, psychiatrist from the original 2010 Pretty Little Liars series Dr. Anne Sullivan is there to help the girls process what they went through. We'll also see the return of Mallory Bechtel who played Karen and Kelly Beasley in the first season, Sharon Leal as Tabby's mother Sidney, Alex Aiona as Noa's boyfriend Shawn, Jordan Gonzalez as Mouse's love interest Ash, and Elias Kacavas as Karen's boyfriend Greg Mantzoukas. The 8-episode season will see two new episodes debut on May 9, followed by one installment weekly until the finale on June 20.

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Nikki Glaser: Someday You'll Die (Comedy special)

Release date: Saturday, May 11

If you like Hacks, then you might also want to check out a real-life comedian and that's Nikki Glaser! She's back with a second comedy special at HBO - Nikki Glaser: Someday You'll Die. It debuts on the channel at 10 p.m. ET, and then will be available to stream on Max. Her first comedy special with the network was Good Clean Filth in July 2022. We shared the synopsis provided by Warner Bros. Discovery below:

"Taped in December 2023 in front of a sold-out audience at the Moore Theater in Seattle, Washington, Glaser dives into a wide range of topics including why she doesn’t want kids, the harsh realities of aging, her sexual fantasies, and plans for her own death – all in her hilarious, unapologetic, and brutally honest style. NIKKI GLASER: SOMEDAY YOU’LL DIE showcases why Glaser is one of the funniest, and most fearless, comedians today.  "

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