5 best new shows premiering in March 2024 on Disney, Apple, and more

X-MEN '97, exclusively on Disney+. © 2024 MARVEL.
X-MEN '97, exclusively on Disney+. © 2024 MARVEL. /

A new month means that there are new shows to try out.  So if you've caught up on everything that came out in February, check out this list and see if anything premiering this month might end up being your new favorite show.

Manhunt - Apple TV+ (March 15)

This miniseries is about one of the most famous assassinations in the history of the world, or rather it's about what happened right after that assassination. After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the hunt began to track down the man who had killed the president. The hunt was led by Edwin Stanton, the Secretary of War at the time and a fascinating historical figure in his own right.

The miniseries will cover the twelve day time period between John Wilkes Booth's shooting of Lincoln and his eventual death. You might recognize Tobias Menzies who is playing Stanton in the series from his portrayal of Prince Phillip on The Crown or playing Edmure Tully on Game of Thrones

Chicken Nugget - Netflix (March 15)

In what might be the strangest setup for a TV show we get this year, this new series on Netflix is about a girl who is accidentally turned into a chicken nugget. Her only hope is a man who has a crush on her being forced to team up with her father in order to turn her back into a human. The premise comes from a popular webtoon that the series is based on that started back in 2019.

The show is a South Korean comedy, and Netflix has experienced a great deal of success from expanding its library of South Korean shows over the past few years. While Squid Game is undoubtedly their biggest hit so far from the country, they haven't been shy about exploring other genres from South Korea. This might be the most difficult show to explain to your friends, but it's definitely one worth checking out based on the premise alone. 

Palm Royale - Apple TV+ (March 20)

Based on the novel Mr. and Mrs. American Pie, Palm Royale is a period piece set in 1969. The series looks like it's going to be something of a class comedy, with the main character, played by Kristen Wiig, hoping to cross from the have-nots to the haves by securing a table at the exclusive club the Palm Royale.

Apple TV seems to be carving out a niche for itself with the period series on their streaming service. With last year's adaptation of Lessons in Chemistry, also set in the 1960s, becoming a hit for the service, they look like they might be trying to repeat the success with this show. 

X-Men 97 - Disney+ (March 20)

Most kids who grew up in the 90s have fond memories of the X-Men: The Animated Series that aired from 1992-1997. The show adapted some of the comic's most famous plotlines and provided a lineup of characters that still feels like the definitive lineup of the X-Men team. Also, it had an incredible theme song.

Capitalizing on that nostalgia, Disney is bringing back the show this month. The series isn't really a remake of the older show, but rather a sequel, with the show picking up pretty much exactly where the last show ended back in 1997. Many of the original voice actors have returned as well, to make this show feel like you're watching your childhood favorite again as much as possible. And, perhaps most importantly of all, it looks like the theme song is back as well. 

3 Body Problem - Netflix (March 21)

When it was published in America in 2014, The Three-Body Problem quickly became one of the most popular science-fiction books of the year. The Chinese novel, which was originally published serialized in 2006, and as a complete book in 2008, was written by Liu Cixin and translated by Ken Liu.

The story tells of an alternate timeline where Earth encounters an alien race from a nearby star system. The novel ended up being the first Asian novel to ever win a Hugo award and ended up spawning a trilogy of novels titled The Remembrance of Earth's Past. So it's no surprise that the series was eventually going to make it to the screen. The series is being created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss the people who were behind Game of Thrones for HBO.

Even with the complaints that arose surrounding the final season of Game of Thrones, most of the praise for the show was based on how well Benioff and Weiss were able to adapt a complicated book series into a TV show. So hopefully they're able to do the same thing with this show, which is being adapted from a book series that has been completed.

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