Bridgerton season 3 episode 7: The wedding is still on (Recap)

It may not have seemed like Penelope and Colin would still walk down the aisle after the ending of episode 6, but they actually do!
Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024
Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024 /

After the final moment of episode 6 that we've all been waiting for - aka Colin finally finding out that Penelope is Lady Whistledown - Bridgerton season 3 episode 7 picks up right where the sixth episode left off. And I can tell you, Colin is one unhappy man. Here's what happened in "Joining of Hands."

 Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington in episode 307 of Bridgerton
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Discussing the Lady Whistledown secret

Colin is rightfully angry at Penelope and tells her that he's never going to forgive her for keeping this secret, as well as the words she's written about him and his family. She's not sure whether he still wants to marry her. He says he will because he's a man of honor, and they were intimate. They're only a week away from the wedding date at this point! Colin asks her if she'll stop publishing now, and she says she doesn't know, causing further ire with Colin. He puts it together that Eloise knew and confronts his sister, but she defends herself and the anger towards her doesn't last very long.

Colin spends the night before his wedding drinking with Benedict, Lord Kilmartin, and Will. He's drunk but, you know drinking his sorrows away I guess. At the same time, Penelope pays who's become her friend Genevieve a visit and the two talk about what happened. The author is kind of relieved about not having to carry this secret anymore. And it's solidified how she feels about being Lady Whistledown. She tells Madam Delacroix that when she had to give up Lady Whistledown during her engagment to Colin, it felt like she was losing a part of herself. It's clear that even though Penelope loves Colin, she's not willing to put down her pen either.

Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton, Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington in episode 307 of Bridgerto
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And on with the wedding

The not so happy couple comes across one another the night before the wedding and sort of hash it out a bit for the first time since Colin found out Penelope's secret. She tells him he doesn't need to save her, and he responds "then what good am I to you?" There's clearly some self-confidence Colin needs to learn to have as this is a vulnerable subject for him. She just shouts I love you and the two start making out right there in the street. Even though it is late at night, you guys need to still be careful. Sheesh.

But not all is forgiven just yet. When Colin gets home, Kate and Anthony are waiting for him to provide some marital advice. Or well, Kate gives advice while Anthony is sitting there providing some funny comments. As a quick side note - Kate mentions Edwina is now married and how she misses India. Anthony says they should go there to have the baby so their child can learn about his mother's culture too.

The wedding happens, and there's some sweet and emotional moments that happen just based on the characters' facial expressions. Even though Colin is still mad, he looks taken away when he sees Penelope in her wedding dress. And during their vows, the two are truly declaring themselves to each other. In dramatic fashion, Queen Charlotte shows up and kicks everyone out except the Bridgertons.

She says that she knows that the real Lady Whistledown must be a Bridgerton because after Cressida's issue, someone rushed right to the printer to provide a new sheet to protect the family in particular. This is because Cressida's mom slandered the Bridgertons int he now discredited issue she and her daughter put out. When the queen leaves, Colin confronts Penelope and tels her now she really needs to give up being the author. But she declares, "I am Whistledown" and refuses. This makes him more mad and he sleeps on the sofa on their wedding night.

Luke Thompson as Benedict Bridgerton, Hannah New as Lady Tilley Arnold in episode 307 of Bridgerton
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The rest of the characters' stories

When it comes to the other characters, there's some notable developments for some of them. First is like mentioned above, Penelope is able to discredit Cressida and now everyone knows she was a liar. Her father announces that her aunt is on her way to come pick her up. She plans to run away and take the money profited from her and her mother's Lady Whistledown issue from the printer. But she's trying to find out which printer it is. She stops at the wrong one, but his old boss was Penelope's printer. This piques Cressida's interest and she asks who she is, with the printer blabbing that Lady Whistledown is a redhead. And that's the cliffhanger we're left with!

Also, after Queen Charlotte leaves and Colin walks away angrily once again, Eloise gives a crying Penelope a big hug. Is their friendship getting back on track? Plus, Francesca announces to the queen that she'd lke to marry Lord Kilmartin and the royal has no issues with that. So onward they go.

Tilley pays Benedict and tries to persuade him that if he did have a curiosity towards Paul, he should follow through on those feelings. And eventually, he does and the three of them sleep together. Elsewhere, Marcus visits Violet and asks if she'd be open to exploring something after Francesca and John's nuptials, and she agrees. Finally in this Bridgerton episode, Lady Danbury and Marcus hash it out and she forgives him.

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