Celebrating the Once Upon a Time musical episode's anniversary! (All 8 songs ranked)

On May 7, 2017, Oncers finally got the musical episode they'd been asking for in season 6 episode 20, "The Song in Your Heart."
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Oncers! I'm feeling extra emotional today remembering what day it is. It's the anniversary of the magical and spectacular Once Upon a Time musical episode. It originally aired on May 7, 2017. How has it already been seven years? Time certainly flies. Of course one of the best and biggest highlights of the episode was also the Captain Swan wedding. Wohoo! So happy anniversary to Emma and Killian as well.

The lovely OUAT episode brought us a total of 8 songs, all performed by the talented cast. We knew this group was gifted, but we didn't know just how much until the musical episode finally came along. Fans had been asking for it for so long, and the writers finally found a way to incorporate music into the fairytale series in Once Upon a time season 6 episode 20, "The Song in Your Heart." As we commemorate the anniversary, we're ranking all eight tunes. And be sure to keep scrolling below as we go more in-depth into our reasoning!

"Wicked Always Wins"

It truly hurts my heart that "Wicked Always Wins" sung by Zelena (Rebecca Mader) is last on this list. It definitely doesn't have anything to do with the actress's talent or performance. Mader has a wonderful singing voice! Though for me as a song performed by the dramatic and over the top Wicked Witch, it felt a little boring and slow. I would have wanted something a little more upbeat like the Evil Queen's ballad. Instead, this tune is slow paced and so it ranks lowest for me.

"Charmings vs. Evil Queen"

Snow and David go head to head against the Evil Queen multiple times throughout the series, but none was as epic as their sing-off of sorts! "Charmings vs. Evil Queen" was a really unique way of the two constant enemies fighting each other. The only reason I have it ranking lower on the list is because though Lana Parrilla rocks the vocals, I think it was out of her range and she was forced to push her voice too hard. I mean, it is a rock ballad after all. And it was amazing! But you could hear the strain with this song, where it's less noticeable in her next couple of ones (below!).

"The Queen Sings" and "Love Doesn't Stand a Chance"

I've combined "The Queen Sings" and "Love Doesn't Stand a Chance" together since the first tune goes right into the second in the scene. I like that in "The Queen Sings," we got to hear some of the other minor characters' voices too like the Magic Mirror, Grumpy, Geppetto, and Granny. But then, it's the queen's time to shine! Wow, wow, wow. The dance moves, the catchy and upbeat song, and just having the Evil Queen in character as she essentially performs was such a fun treat in "Love Doesn't Stand a Chance." Parrilla absolutely nails it, and it's definitely a highlight for me from the episode. As mentioned above, you can hear the strain a bit, which is no fault of the actress', but it's a little less noticeable in this tune.

"Revenge is Gonna Be Mine"

Oh my goodness! Hardcore fans of Once Upon a Time and Colin O'Donoghue know that the actor can also sing. He was in a band, The Enemies, after all! But it was such a treat to see him belting out with his talented voice as our favorite character, Captain Hook. Did you know O'Donoghue actually broke his leg while swinging down that chair and kept going so he wouldn't delay filming? The adrenaline must've really kicked in. You've got to admire his dedication. I just love the whole pirate-y theme, it was so fun. And the choreogrpahy and setting just made me want to keep yo-ho-ing! Is that a word? Well, it is now. It's certainly a pirate's life for me.

"Powerful Magic"

There's truly no one as iconic and beloved as Snow and Charming. They are the "it" couple and the heart of Once Upon a Time. It's truly no surprise that they have such a melodic and true fairytale sound to their magical song, "Powerful Magic." The real-life husband and wife, Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin, clearly have chemistry and these two need to sing together more! Both sound so good, and Dallas actually trained with the English National Opera in London. His voice is so soothing, I want to listen to him sing all day! It's also such a sweet scene, seeing the hope that they might beat the Evil Queen. Of course we know the bittersweet turn of events. But it was a light moment full of hope. And what else is this show about?

"A Happy Beginning"

Alright. What could truly be more magical than this beautiful couple - Emma and Killian - getting married, singing a duet together, and then having "A Happy Beginning" break into a group song? It truly doesn't get better than that. Just like "Powerful Magic," it's a hopeful tune and has pretty much all of the characters that we love all singing together, blissful for this short and much deserved moment before the Black Fairy's Curse arrives. But everything is so perfect about the sound of the song, the choreography, and the wedding setting. As OUAT tells us, no story ever just comes to a close. And so, we open a new chapter to a happy beginning.

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"Emma's Theme"

This song makes me so emotional and makes me feel all the feels. At this point we'd been on Emma's journey for six seasons, right from the very start. While her parents are the heart of the magical show, Emma is right at the center of the story. It was all about her journey the whole time. Being invested in this wonderful character and seeing all the ups and downs she's experienced all these years really made me emotional. And it comes to a head in "Emma's Theme." The Savior realized the song had been inside her the whole time, she was never actually alone, and that was the extra push she needed to find her inner strength? Oh gosh. It makes me want to cry thinking about it. Jennifer Morrison's voice is so smooth and melodious, which helps bring that emotion to the tune. "Emma's Theme" is definitely the best from all the Once Upon a Time musical episode songs!

All 7 seasons of Once Upon a Time are currently streaming on Disney+ and on Hulu.

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