Creepshow season 4, episode 6 recap: "George Romero in 3D"/"Baby Teeth"

Discover the chilling tales of Shudder/AMC's Creepshow season 4 episode 6. Zombies and strange tooth-related creatures greet you in this crazed episode.
Creepshow season four - Courtesy Shudder
Creepshow season four - Courtesy Shudder /

In the 6th episode of Shudder/AMC's Creepshow season 4, titled "George Romero in 3-D!" and "Baby Teeth", viewers are treated to a thrilling blend of horror and nostalgia. The episode unfolds two distinct and chilling tales – one involving a cursed set of 3-D glasses, unleashing zombies in a struggling bookstore, and the other exploring the eerie consequences of keeping baby teeth as mementos.

The Creepshow episode kicks off with "George Romero in 3-D!" It happens in the heart of Pittsburgh at the Book Time brick and mortar bookstore, owned by Sarah (Kyra Zagorsky) and operated with help from her son, Martin (Graham Verchere). The store faces financial hardships due to its lack of an online presence, leading to the unfortunate decision to lay off an employee named Dawn (Megan Charpentier) to cut costs.

Sarah tries to plead for leniency from building owner Mr. Cooper (Peter New). As Dawn takes out the trash, she stumbles upon a mysterious wooden box labeled, "Image-10," housing unfinished horror comics by none other than George Romero.

The plot takes a surreal turn when Martin puts on 3-D glasses found in the box, causing a zombie from the comic to seemingly come alive for a fleeting moment. A customer falls victim to a zombie attack, visible only to Martin through the 3-D glasses.

In a bid to survive, Martin summons the legendary George Romero (Sebastian Kroon), who creatively dispatches the zombie using a ceiling fan.

Creepshow season 4, episode 6 recap: Creepshow and Romero homages

George Romero
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However, the horror escalates as more zombies are unleashed through the cursed 3-D glasses. Romero reveals that a voodoo curse is behind the chaos.

Martin's mom gets captured, and, in order to defeat the nascent zombie outbreak, Romero sets a new rule – destroy the glasses, destroy the ghoul. The episode concludes with a tense confrontation as Martin's mother attacks Mr. Cooper, echoing the harsh reality of Cooper's motto, "kill or be killed."

Of course, Romero fans might recognize the name "Cooper" from the original Night of the Living Dead, and one of the more intelligent zombies, or ghouls (Anthony Moyer), is reminiscent of "Bub" from Romero's Day of the Dead.

Creepshow season 4, episode 6 recap: "Baby Teeth"

Switching gears, the second Creepshow tale revolves around teenager Shelby (Alison Thornton) undergoing a dental surgical procedure. Shelby recounts her escapades to her mother, Miranda (Rochelle Greenwood), including the shocking revelation that she's been partying under the influence of Schnapp's, and a new belly button piercing.

Shocked, Miranda becomes increasingly overprotective, leading Shelby to reflect on the transient nature of Miranda's relationships. Wishing to avoid her daughter's rebellious antics, Miranda delves into memories by looking through an old photo album, reminiscing about Shelby as a baby.

The twist emerges when Miranda adds Shelby's new teeth to the complete set of baby teeth, expressing a desire to keep her daughter forever. The eeriness intensifies as the box containing the baby teeth mysteriously glows.

Creepshow season 4, episode 6 recap: Freaky revelations

Kaitlyn (Micaela Nyland) happens to be visiting Shelby, when Shelby mentions Miranda's peculiar keepsake – that offputting box of her baby teeth. The revelation unnerves Kaitlyn, who jokingly likens it to a serial killer's tendencies to keep trophies of victims.

The horror takes a supernatural turn when a demonic baby creature, possibly the tooth fairy, appears in one of Shelby's toddler dresses. As Shelby sleeps from pain pills, the creature seemingly kills Kaitlyn.

Miranda reveals the creature's true nature, a changeling, and warns to never anger the "fae" (another term for "fairy," and in this case the tooth fairy). The climax unfolds as Shelby gets her bottom jaw ripped off by the changeling, and Miranda confronts the changeling in the closet, resulting in a gruesome Creepshow visual.

Perhaps out of desperation, Miranda breaks the tooth box, seemingly killing the changeling. However, it reemerges as a new version of baby Shelby.

But Miranda is too emotionally and psychologically drained/damaged to care about whether or not it's the real Shelby. The episode concludes with an unsettling image as Miranda sings "Rock-a-bye Baby" to the transformed changeling, leaving viewers with lingering chills and a taste of the eerie unpredictability that Creepshow delivers.

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