Dark Matter on Apple TV+: Will Jason ever make it back to his reality? Let's speculate!

Like the Box, there's a number of possibilities of where the story could go. Here's what we think might happen.
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Last week at the end of Dark Matter episode 5, the story ended on the cliffhanger that Jason2 has figured out Jason is trying to make it back to his world. And so, he announces that he'll need to seal the Box so that doesn't happen. It's actually a very good plot twist! And today's release, Dark Matter episode 6 saw Jason2 do just that. Oh no! This begs the question, will Jason ever make it back to his reality?

The show is based on the book by author Blake Crouch, who also created the series. So, there is a known ending out there. But we don't want to get into those spoilers and will purely speculate on what could happen based on what we've seen in the sci-fi thriller so far. I mean, this is basically a hero's journey. And the hero always does end up making it back. Usually.

Though depending on whether a second season might happen or not, could this be the series-long dilemma? Jason forever trying to get back to his own reality, Daniela, and Charlie? Perhaps he could, but not by the end of the first season. Or, we could have him back in his own world by the end of season 1, before the finale, or perhaps even end on a different cliffhanger. Just like the Box, there's a number of different options and ways this could go. The show hasn't been billed as a limited series, so it's possible a second season could happen.

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It depends on how Crouch is planning to adapt his book to screen. Honestly with the way most shows go, I do think Jason is going to be able to return to his reality by the end of the season and reunite with Daniela and Charlie. Especially if this does end up becoming one season, it would be so heartbreaking if he didn't. Jason is very determined, and I know he's going to find a way through the Box even if it is now sealed by Jason2. After all, every hero needs to face multiple challenges before making it back home. And that's what's happening with this college professor.

Plus even if it's somehow impossible to get through, I feel like Daniela is bound to catch on at some point. She knows her husband. And Jason2 doesn't know all the details of their lives no matter how hard he tries. She's already gotten suspicious and has found one of the capsules from a used ampoule. It's possible Daniela will figure things out, even with Ryan now gone, and find a way to get her Jason back herself. We'll have to wait and see how it all plays out. There's only two more episodes to go, with the finale set for Wednesday, June 19, 2024. What do you think? Do you think Jason will ever make it back home?

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