Dark Matter episode 3 recap: What's in the box?!

A new episode of Dark Matter on Apple TV+ is now streaming and it has really thrown the plot on a loop! But we say this in the best way. Haven't watched? Spoilers ahead!
Dark Matter on Apple TV+, episode 3
Dark Matter on Apple TV+, episode 3 /

Fans of Apple TV+'s Dark Matter may have experienced dejavu watching the latest episode as we shouted at our screen, "What's in the box?!" Episode 3, appropriately titled "The Box," gave us a lot of answers, while also making the plot much more complicated. Let's recap!

The sci-fi series is not one you want to have playing in the background as it requires your full attention. This isn't a bad thing, Dark Matter is captivating and keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. We are only three episodes in and we've seen one major death (two, possibly?), a character's true motives, and what's in the box (more or less).

Spoiler alert! If you have not yet watched Dark Matter episode 3, "The Box," go stream it on Apple TV+ now before reading ahead.

Dark Matter on Apple TV+, episode 3 /

Is Jason's Daniela really dead?

Shot in the head, Daniela (Jennifer Connelly) is a goner for sure, but this version isn't Jason's (Joel Edgerton). Not the one from this Daniela's reality, at least. Jason knows that his real wife is back in his reality and is determined on returning to her. Of course, that doesn't make watching your wife get shot in front of you any easier.

By the end of the episode, Leighton (Dayo Okeniyi) orders Ryan (Jimmi Simpson) out of the room where he was being held with Jason. When Amanda (Alice Braga) goes to help Jason escape, the latter asks about Ryan. Amanda shakes her head and apologizes. It is indicated that Ryan is dead, but I don't fully believe this. I've watched enough TV to know one rule about character deaths: no body, no crime. Now, let's rewind things a bit.

Dark Matter on Apple TV+, episode 3 /

Leighton learns that Jason is an imposter

Jason has been telling Leighton from the very beginning that he doesn't belong there, so I wouldn't call him a liar or imposter, but Leighton sure thinks so. When questioned about why Daniela was killed, Leighton tells Jason that he is willing to go to any lengths for the work Jason has done.

Later, feeling like he can trust her, Jason tells Amanda the truth. Jason suggests that the person who came out of the box is not the same person who went in. Amanda believes him as she begins to connect the dots. But Amanda's mistake is telling Leighton about this. With this new information, all gloves are off for Leighton, who beats Jason and demands the truth. Little does Leighton know, Jason is even more confused than he is.

The pressure is on Leighton to fix things as a detective from the Chicago PD, Mason (Kate Eastman), pays Velocity Labs a visit to question Leighton about Jason and Blair (Amanda Brugel). Mason also inquires about what, exactly, Leighton and his team are creating in these labs.

Dark Matter on Apple TV+, episode 3 /

Does Daniela 1 know Jason 2 is not her husband?

Daniela is a smart woman, she must suspect something is very off about her husband. Sure enough, she appears suspicious when Jason 2 begins to not remember several things that only Jason 1 and Daniela 1 know. It wasn't revealed in episode 3, but I think we'll learn that Daniela is looking into things in episode 4.

Where are Jason and Amanda?

Jason and Amanda manage to escape and get into the box, hoping that it will work and take them both to Jason's dimension. When they awake, we see they are in a dark room before the camera zooms out and we see a seemingly endless corridor in front of them. Did they make it or is Jason further lost in more dimensions? My money is on the latter, but we'll have to tune in next week to find out!

Dark Matter episode 4, titled "The Corridor," premieres on May 22 only on Apple TV+.

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