Dark Matter premiere recap: What in the science is going on here?

The first two episodes of Dark Matter are now streaming on Apple TV+ and we have all of the questions! If you're feeling the same, let's recap!
Dark Matter - Cr: Apple
Dark Matter - Cr: Apple /

How can I best describe Dark Matter? Oh, I've got it! Apple TV+'s new sci-fi is Matthew Perry's 17 Again meets science and gloom. Yes, 17 Again as in the 2009 movie starring Zac Efron and Perry. The first two episodes of Dark Matter are now available to stream and I suggest you take your time watching because the drama-thriller is going to demand your full attention.

I'll start by saying that, if you're not a fan of the sci-fi genre, don't even bother with Dark Matter. The new series loves its science and theories, and it doesn't shy away from throwing facts and conspiracies our way. However, if you have enjoyed other sci-fi dramas, such as Constellation (also streaming on Apple TV+), you'll more than likely enjoy Dark Matter.

Spoiler alert! Before we move further, please note that significant spoilers are ahead if you have not yet caught Dark Matter episode 1 and episode 2. Feel free to return after watching.

Dark Matter kicks off by introducing audiences to Jason Dessen (Joel Edgerton), a professor at a small college in Chicago. Jason lives with his wife, Daniela (Jennifer Connelly), and their son Charlie (Oakes Fegley). At times, it appears as if Jason wishes to know what life would be like if he had pursued his career and had been successful. But at the end of the day, Jason loves living a simple life and has no regrets. But, as we quickly learn, someone else is not as happy.

Episode 1. Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly in "Dark Matter," courtesy of Apple TV+ /

After celebrating Ryan (Jimmi Simpson) for winning a Pavia, a high honor in the science field. Jason heads home, and this is where the questions and plot thickens. On Jason's way home, he is attacked by a masked man. This mysterious person seems to know Jason by name and even knows the birthdate of Jason's father (a number he uses as the passcode to this phone). Now, I have watched one too many shows and movies, so I figured out this twist straight away. Jason's attacker? It is Jason himself! But, from another universe. Can I explain? Sure! In episode 2, titled "Trip of a Lifetime," Jason is able to figure it all out after speaking with Daniela.

You see, these two Jason's used to be one. But they split into two realities after a significant event in Jason's life. The event: Daniela gets pregnant and tells Jason. In one reality, Jason is excited about the news and tells Daniela that he would rather die with memories of her than a cold lab. Aww, sweet! Jason and Daniella go on to have their son, Charlie, get married, and become the family we met at the start of the episode.

Then, we have a cold and ambitious Jason, who tells Daniela the opposite. He is not ready to settle down or have children. Not wanting to do this alone, Daniela aborts the baby. Heartbreaking, I know! Especially since we've met sweet Charlie. Well, this greedy Jason is having some regrets about his choices in life and decides to finish building something he started ages ago, a device that allows passengers to travel to other universes. He is successful and travels to the universe of Jason #1 (let's call him, Family Man Jason) to abduct him and trade lives with him.

Evil Jason gets the wife, kid, and the simple life he had turned away. All the while, Family Man Jason is stuck in Evil Jason's world, dazed, confused, and a mess! In this new world, Family Man Jason is not married, but he is in a relationship (we think) with Amanda (Alice Braga). As for Charlie? He does not exist, Daniela had an abortion, remember? In what should be Charlie's room, Family Man Jason finds a room full of honors, certificates, and awards for Jason's work in science. Jason doesn't seem to care about any of it, he just wants to find his son.

Family Man Jason finally puts it all together with the help of Daniela (who is only his friend in this universe). Unfortunately, things don't work out well between Jason and Daniella. Authorities (Good? Bad? We don't know yet!) break into Daniella's home, shoot her between the eyes, and take Jason with them.

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