Dark Matter episode 6 preview: How to watch the new episode, synopsis and more

After leaving viewers with so many questions, fans are ready for an all-new episode of Dark Matter on Apple TV+. Here's how to watch.
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Dark Matter on Apple TV+ is THE show to watch if you are searching for an engaging sci-fi drama. Episode 6 is titled "Superposition" it will finally bring audiences a moment they have all been waiting for. Not caught up on Dark Matter? Spoilers ahead!

Spoiler alert! If you are behind Dark Matter or missed an episode or two, please note there are spoilers ahead. Go stream the series and any episodes you may have missed on Apple TV+ before reading on.

In episode 5, Jason and Amanda figured out how to get to their desired reality, but it is easier said than done. It also doesn't help that The Box knows if you are lying, you can't hide your true feelings from it as it can't be tricked. Though they don't reach the reality they were hoping, both learned a lot about each other and The Box. Unfortunately, during this time, Jason 2 worked on finding a way to seal the door to Jason 1's reality to keep him out. What's ahead in episode 6?

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Episode 6 Superposition synopsis

The June 5 episode, the sixth of the season titled "Superposition," will FINALLY see Daniela grow suspicious about her husband. This is something I really thought Daniela would catch right away, so it's about time. Meanwhile, it is also teased that Jason and Amanda grow closer. It's easy to bond over such a traumatic experience, especially when that person is all you have to depend on. However, will this threaten Jason 1's relationship with Daniela? Here's the official synopsis from the platform:

"Daniela suspects something’s not right with her husband. Jason and Amanda grow closer."

What time to watch

Dark Matter episode 6 will stream first thing Wednesday, June 5, at 12:01 a.m. ET, exclusively on Apple TV+. To watch, you'll need an account! An account will set you back $9.99 a month, which is on the lower end of streaming services these days. And it is very well worth it! Subscribers won't only get to watch Dark Matter, but also unlock access to everything else the service has to offer.

Dark Matter streams new episodes Wednesdays on Apple TV+.

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