Days of Our Lives Recap (Jan. 5): Is EJ going to step aside for Eric?

DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Pictured: "Days of our Lives" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)
DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Pictured: "Days of our Lives" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal) /

Nobody has had as much heartache recently as Nicole on Days of Our Lives. She hardly got time to breathe after the tragic death of her son, who she doesn’t know is still alive and is being raised by her ex-Erica Brady, and his treacherous wife, Sloan Peterson.

This week her daughter Holly Jonas is on the brink of death after ingesting some drugs that she thought were ADHD pills. Little did she know at the time, that they were laced with opioids that had already killed some teens in Salem.

Holly is currently in a coma and fighting for her life. As strong as Nicole is, there is no way that a mother could deal with that kind of back-to-back loss and survive it.

EJ Dimera’s relationship with Nicole has truly made him more likable. He has had a lot of development and has been nothing but a loving and supportive husband through this trying time with his wife.

He has put his grief aside to care for her by even allowing her ex-Eric Brady to comfort her in this time of need. But how long can that last?

It is EJ Dimera we are talking about. Currently, EJ is being the doting husband but could his revenge for unwarranted justice get in their way?

Ever since EJ has taken over the role of Salem’s District Attorney, he has been trying to use his power for selfish motives. Tate Black is his latest victim, who was there when Holly took the drugs.

Because of Tate being there at the New Year's Eve celebration at the Bistro and Holly not being able to wake up anybody, can vouch for Tate’s innocence. Therefore, EJ is ready to go to battle for Nicole and nail Tate to the wall for having the drugs in his possession.

Marlena had informed Eric of Holly’s situation. As we all know, Eric and Nicole were married and Eric still holds a close bond with Holly.

EJ is at first showing some understanding with it, but the jealousy bubble is about to pop. He would rather focus on the revenge against Tate than be the one that his wife leans on, even when he finds his wife in the arms of another man.

Is he being a good husband or dealing with the traumatic events in an unhealthy way?

Days of Our Lives recap - Has EJ Dimera gone too far…again?

EJ’s revenge would make perfect sense if Tate was actually responsible but EJ is, once again, pinning a crime on someone with very little evidence against an innocent man. The grief could just be putting him off his game but he’s a much more intelligent man than this.

When the truth comes out that Eric and Nicole’s baby is alive and he’s not the father, could EJ step aside and give his wife what he thinks she needs? Or will the Dimera demise shine through and break apart his family entirely?

It now seems that EJ has revoked Tate’s bail, and he will end up behind bars for the drug possession and Holly’s medical predicament. I do understand EJ’s willingness to seek justice for his stepdaughter but seeking revenge on a child seems a little too far, even for EJ.

Tate went as far as to even beg his mother for them to not send him to jail and EJ has zero mercy or sympathy about it. EJ has all intents and purposes to try Tate Black as an adult for the negligence and attempted murder of his stepdaughter.

None of us know how we would react in a life-and-death situation and a child freezing in the face of something so horrific is just a human response. In time EJ may understand that but all he sees is red.

Nicole has nearly lost two children and I can’t imagine she would be okay with watching another mother lose her child. So perhaps we will see Nicole stand up to her husband because at this point, she is going to be the only one to get through to EJ.

EJ remarks that whether or not they were Tate’s drugs or not, he's still responsible for not immediately calling 9-1-1. It doesn’t matter if he was scared, it ultimately led to her condition worsening because time is of the essence in these situations.

Bear in mind that Tate has the mind of a child, even if he is the size of an adult. EJ does get his way and he is hauled off to an adult prison after his parents vow to move heaven and Earth to get him back home.

EJ’s snickering and smugness through the whole ordeal was a little over the top. Alex and Brady didn’t take too kindly to it either.

Alex reminds EJ that he is dealing with the Kiriakis family, who also have friends in high places. What started as revenge for EJ, could turn into another Dimera and Kiriakis war that he did not sign up for.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for next Friday January 12 from Soap She Knows, reveals that Eric will be coming to the hospital to check on Nicole once again and will stumble upon EJ and Nicole having a heated argument. Could this be about his cruelty to Tate, or could this be about EJ’s own insecurity of watching his wife fall into the arms of another man?

Maybe EJ isn’t ready to admit the toll his hidden jealousy is taking on him. Nicole may also be in the headspace where she’s not ready for a war between families.

Her daughter is her joy and only priority right now. When it comes to Eric Brady, he brings a sense of calmness and security to her life.

Eric may once again become Nicole’s safe place, while her husband is creating unnecessary wars. The truth of the matter is that nobody’s going to know the full story until Holly wakes up.

Tune in next week on Peacock TV and stay tuned for more Days of Our Lives updates!

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