Days of Our Lives Spoilers (Jan 15-19): Family dinners could spell disaster

Days of our Lives 1/8/2024 Promo
Days of our Lives 1/8/2024 Promo / Days of our Lives Promo

If anyone deserves a break this week, it’s poor Tate Black. EJ Dimera has been on him like glue, praying for his demise.

Luckily for EJ, he doesn’t have to pray too hard. Tate just got through a fight in prison that left him battered and bruised, but he has stood on his own.

While his parents may despise each other most of the time, this tragic situation could make the two of them connect again whether they want to or not. Sarah and Xander continue connecting through Victoria and take a bigger step toward reconciliation.

Tate may be out of the woods, but Lucas may be digging a deeper hole for himself behind bars. Was Kate right or will Harris come through in the end?

After nearly losing her daughter, Nicole may be on the verge of having a breakdown. But the big question is who will she turn to in her moment of need?

Monday, January 15 Days of Our Lives spoilers

Salem may be preparing for the Martin Luther King celebration event, but there is one thing that the mayor cannot prepare herself for. Nicole ends up being a saving grace for Sloan, ironically.

How much longer can Sloan go before her guilt gets the best of her? Leo may have found his publication calling to fight for gay rights, but will that be enough to clear his conscience?

Tuesday, January 16 Days of Our Lives spoilers

Tate may finally catch a break. Alex has been nothing but horrible to his dad, when he has been giving his all to Tate’s case.

Alex may just bite the bullet and see the errors of his ways. Eric invites John and Marlena over for a dinner date, but will he be ready for what’s to come?

Marlena may love her son but there’s only so much of Sloan she can remain civil about.

Wednesday, January 17 Days of Our Lives spoilers

Sarah is making herself cozy in Xander’s apartment. But is it too much, too fast?

More family dinners commence in Salem. Patch comes with the hard questions.

Is Stephanie ready to grow up and be honest about her next relationship? Not-so-creative writing occurs when Harris ends up on the docks.

This is always a recipe for disaster for Steve Burton’s characters.

Thursday, January 18 Days of Our Lives spoilers

Wedding bells could be on the horizon for one recently reunited couple. Harris wants Ava more than anything but their luck might just be running out.

Theresa goes missing but is this just another stunt?

Friday, January 19 Days of Our Lives spoilers

Kate’s fears come true. Alex may be close to falling head over heels, but has his partner?

Holly may be on the way out. How is Nicole going to handle another huge loss?

And who will be there to catch her if she falls? Catch Days of Our Lives on Peacock weekly to find out all the details on Salem’s finest.

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