Dexter: Original Sin cast updates: Will Michael C. Hall or Jennifer Carpenter return in the prequel series?

Dexter: Original Sin is in the works and the first cast members have been announced, will Michael C. Hall or Jennifer Carpenter join the prequel series?
Michael C. Hall as Dexter in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD, “Sins of the Father”. Photo Credit: Robert Clark/SHOWTIME.
Michael C. Hall as Dexter in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD, “Sins of the Father”. Photo Credit: Robert Clark/SHOWTIME. /

A new Dexter spinoff is in the works. This time, instead of picking up in present time as Dexter: New Blood does, we are hitting rewind and going back to where it all began with Dexter: Original Sin. It is still too early to know a lot of details about the upcoming prequel, but the first cast announcements have surfaced. But let's be real, what we really want to know is if Michael C. Hall or Jennifer Carpenter will appear.

You can't blame fans too much for wanting Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter to appear in Dexter: Original Sin. Sure, this may be a prequel series, but there are still so many possibilities. From either Hall or Carpenter (or both) serving as the narrator or we get cameos via flash-forwards. We'll take what we can get!

In the original series, Michael C. Hall plays serial killer (or vigilante, depending on who you ask) Dexter Morgan, while Jennifer Carpenter plays Dexter's foul-mouthed sister, Debra Morgan. Spoiler alert! In the Dexter follow up, Dexter: New Blood, Carpenter returns to play Debra even though the character dies in the original series. In New Blood, Debra appears as Dexter's conscience. So, as you can see, the idea of Hall or Carpenter joining the prequel isn't too farfetched.

Set to feature 10 episodes, Dexter: Original Sin takes place 15 years before the events from the original series. We'll meet a young Dexter Morgan learning to deal with and control his urge to kill. In Dexter, we know that it is Dexter's father, Harry, who teaches his son how to carry out his crimes. In Harry's eyes, this is the best way to protect his son. So Harry puts together "a code" for Dexter to follow, which includes everything from how to select the victims to how to dispose of all evidence.

Dexter: Original Sin will stream on Paramount+ with Showtime, but it is too early to know a release date. Patrick Gibson (Shadow and Bone) is set to star as a young Dexter, also starring in the prequel are Christian Slater as Harry and Molly Brown as Debra.

Added to the cast on June 5, TV Line shares that younger versions of Angel Batista, Maria LaGuerta, and Vince Masuka have joined the prequel. James Martinez (Love, Victor) will take on the role of Batista, who in Original Sin is an "up-and-coming homicide detective." Christina Milian joins as LaGuerta, "Miami Metro's first female homicide detective." As for Masuka, Alex Shimizu will portray the forensic analyst. Additionally, Reno Wilson will play a longtime partner and friend of Harry Morgan, Dexter's dad.

As soon as we learn more details about the upcoming series, we'll update this post!