Euphoria season 3 delayed, but reportedly still happening for now

Euphoria season 3 was supposed to start filming in the summer of 2024, but filming has been delayed
Euphoria season 2
Euphoria season 2 /

It's been more than two years since the Euphoria season 2 finale, and fans are wondering when Euphoria season 3 is happening and if it's even happening at all.

Well, it sounds like fans aren't the only ones wondering what's next. According to a report from Variety, HBO doesn't even know if Euphoria season 3 is going to happen. Sam Levinson, the creator of the series, has turned in several scripts that have been rejected. Production was supposed to start sometime in the next few months, but Variety reported that filming has been delayed indefinitely while Levinson gets back to work on the scripts for season 3.

Yeah, it's not ideal at all, but if the report is to be believed, there's a lot of hope that things will be ironed out in the next few months before its iconic young cast moves on. That's already happening to some extent. Zendaya just starred in the biggest movie of the year, Dune 2, along with the upcoming film Challengers. Sydney Sweeney starred alongside Glenn Powell in Anyone But You, which was a huge hit theatrically and lands on Netflix on April 23. Jacob Elordi's seen his star status rise after Saltburn and Priscilla in 2023.

Euphoria season 3 filming delayed until 2025

According to the report, there's still a huge push from HBO, Levinson, and the stars of Euphoria to make season 3 happen. When this show is on, it's one of the biggest shows on TV and streaming. Since 2022, its stars have become even bigger stars. The ratings will be massive for HBO and MAX when it happens, but the "when it happens" is key.

For me, it's like fans want the season. HBO wants the season. The cast, for the most part, wants the season. It'll happen, but what it looks like when it arrives is going to be interesting. Will Zendaya be able to put her film schedule and big paydays on hold for this show? What about Elordi and Sweeney? What about the rest of the cast? It's going to be interesting.

We already knew that filming was scheduled to begin this spring. That's now off the table. HBO ruled out a 2024 premiere for Euphoria season 3 in late 2023. We were expecting the season would premiere sometime in 2025, but that's clearly not happening.

It's been reported that Euphoria season 3 will not film in 2024. They are out of their contracts through the end of the year while HBO waits for Levinson's scripts and puts together the plan to film in 2025. That likely means we could be waiting until late 2025 or even 2026 before Euphoria season 3 premieres. Woof.

That's not the news Euphoria fans were hoping for, but that's unfortunately the reality of the situation. It's going to be a really long time until Euphoria season 3 premieres on HBO and MAX.

This is going to be a long road. We'll share more news about Euphoria season 3 as we find out!

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