General Hospital: BJ Jones poetically returns for the funeral of Bobbie Spencer

The story of BJ Jones comes to light as the world says goodbye to Bobbie Spencer

Bobbie Spencer, Our Forever Friend | General Hospital (January 3rd, 2024)
Bobbie Spencer, Our Forever Friend | General Hospital (January 3rd, 2024) / General Hospital

On Wednesday, Bobbie Spencer’s funeral kicked off an outpouring of love for both Jackie Zeman and Bobbie Spencer shining on screen. We got to see some heartfelt memories with Laura (Genie Francis) Scottie (Kin Shriner) and of course Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Felicia (Kristina Wagner).

But what made this all the more special was General Hospital bringing in a face from the past, that most probably would recognize. What is universally recognizable is the name BJ Jones and the story that is attached to it.

You will not find a story as heartbreaking as the one that surround Barbara Jean so many years ago. BJ was, of course, the adoptive daughter of Bobbie Spencer and BJ Jones, who was in a tragic school bus accident that changed the course of so many lives in a split second.

BJ Jones was biologically Tony’s daughter but later became adopted by Bobbie, when she and Tony got together. Ironically BJ’s mother, Tania, had died in a car accident too.

5 years after those events her daughter succumbed to the very same fate. But what changed lives was the fact that her heart would later go to her dying cousin, Maxie Jones.

The story of BJ has remained widely known throughout daytime television as one of the most heartbreaking and best acted-out scenes in daytime history. The moment where Tony lays his heart on Maxie’s chest and listens to his daughter’s beating heart in the body of his niece is both heartbreaking and unforgettably beautiful.

The only person left on the show who was a part of that scene is Kristina Wagner, who plays Felicia, and who was also one of Bobbie’s best friends. General Hospital took the opportunity to bring on the actress who played BJ Jones, Brighton Hertford.

She was a journalist who was working with Bobbie in Amsterdam to take care of Luke’s affairs and ran into an even bigger story and found a way to help women. The story behind what Bobbie was doing over there is miraculous in itself, but a big applaud to the writers of General Hospital who brought this story to life and gave fans a piece of BJ, in a sense.

It really mended some broken hearts and came full circle. This was probably one of the best episodes performed and written that I’ve seen in my history of watching the show.

Thank you ABC, for giving us this nostalgic and heart-warming moment in a time when we all needed it.

Did BJ Jones really come back?

Many people in soap operas come back from the dead but no it’s pretty impossible for BJ Jones to truly come back. Especially given her heart is inside Maxie.

But Brighton Hertford did come back after 30 years in a sex-trafficking storyline, playing a character named Angela Brighton. How very fitting as we know BJ is an angel somewhere and Brighton, which is of course the actress's name.

Not only did we get a piece of BJ, but we got a piece of Brighton saying goodbye to her on-screen mother from so many years ago. The show began with Brighton’s character in attendance to show her respects and caught the eye of Maxie Jones, who seemed to somehow recognize her.

It started a chain event of connections, that was able to bind the past of Port Charles to the present. Seeing both “BJ Jones” and Maxie Jones stand side by side brought such an overflow of emotions for both actors and fans alike.

I particularly loved the way they inserted this temporary character and had everyone involved feel some kind of unspoken connection with Angela to themselves and to Bobbie. After Maxie was able to get the scoop on who this young woman is and what she’s doing, she takes Angela over to see Carly (Laura Wright), Bobbie’s other daughter.

It was another special moment seeing these two on the same screen. We could have had so many years of bond and friendship between these two sisters.

And we all know Carly could have used that many times. The most touching moment of the entire show had to be towards the end, when Felicia got the chance to meet the sensational reporter.

There was a moment where Felicia turned to Angela and said, “You have really kind eyes, has anybody ever told you that?” Even fans commented on the strong resemblance Brighton has to Jackie and Bobbie.

I think it was something that we all needed to get through this. Afterwards, Maxie and Angela would have one more moment to make you cry, if you hadn’t already.

Maxie says, “You and your mother have a really special bond.” Angela tells her, “Yeah she’s the best.”

Maxie repeated back as she watched her mother walk away. “I feel the same way about mine.”

Angela stated back to her. And as the music played, we could all feel that the actress meant the relationship between Bobbie and BJ, and I felt that whole-heartedly on the screen.

The only thing that would have made it more perfect is if Brad Maule (Tony Jones) had made one last final appearance. But we don’t need that to know that BJ, Bobbie, and Tony are up in heaven watching over everyone in Port Charles.

Carly will soon be on her way to Amsterdam to finish the heroism that Bobbie Spencer started. She needs to know that the one Bobbie was trying to protect is okay.

What will she find out? Watch General Hospital on your local times and listings or on Hulu to find out!

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