General Hospital spoilers: Trina and Spencer heat up Paris (Jan. 29-Feb. 2)

Trina and Spencer are ready to set the world on fire in Paris. Esme is close to being caught in Canada and Ava will hide out on Sonny’s island. But what else could heat up on that island?
Open Season | General Hospital Promo (January 22nd, 2024)
Open Season | General Hospital Promo (January 22nd, 2024) / General Hospital

Last week on General Hospital, things were already heating between Trina and Spencer in Paris, leaving the shippers on cloud nine. Trina and Spencer wasted no time making love in the City of Love. Spencer once again laid his heart on the line. One of his favorite things is surprising Trina at every turn. There was playfulness and adorable flirting throughout. There’s no doubt that these two belong together.

The love life of Sonny Corinthos is another story entirely. He may still be at odds with his wife Nina, but they bump into each other at Charlie’s while she’s having drinks with long-time friend Valentin. Nina does ask if Spencer and Ace are okay, but Sonny dodges the concern and lets her know it’s none of her business. Dejected, Nina is down but not out and continues her time with her ex.

Valentin and Nina are very loving with each other, but she’s not looking to give up on Sonny just yet and his heart is still very much with Anna. Regardless, those two still have major chemistry and I love watching them together. However, Sonny does not. There was quite a bit of jealousy steaming off him as he watched his wife get a little too cozy.

Because Ava is still in danger, Sonny offers that she go to the island for a bit and that he and Dex will go to get her settled in. It seemed like a quick decision after watching Nina and Valentin touch each other's hands.

There’s a vibe I’m getting between Ava and Sonny. Would Ava really betray her best friend that way in the place where Nina married Sonny? Or is Sonny just looking to make Nina jealous back? One thing is for sure…this is getting very soapy.

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Monday, January 29 Spoilers

Trina and Spencer are overseas and setting Paris on fire. Their bond and intimacy will grow increasingly stronger this week, as the two share a romantic evening in the City of Love. Spencer seems to always have a few tricks up his sleeves to sweep Trina off her feet. What will he have planned this time? And what will Paris have planned for them?

Tuesday, January 30 Spoilers

During Finn’s malpractice trial, Diane reveals some earth-shattering information. On last Friday’s episode, it was Sam McCall who came across the information that the Muldoon tried to frame Finn to sue him for malpractice. The reasoning behind that traces back to when Aurora’s stock plummeted, causing the family to lose everything they had. The partnership between Drew, Carly, and Michael is soon coming back to bite them. Nina has been on the outside looking in, as the bad guy who turned Drew and Carly over to the SEC. But this is one story that shows the effect that insider trading has on civilians.

Finn should be able to get out of this hardship. Presently, Drew and Carly think they are on top of the world. Finally showing Nina for who she is and dismissing her, followed by Carly getting her job at Crimson. Breaking laws like insider trading has consequences, and Drew and Carly may not be looking so shiny any longer.

It is about time we see some repercussions for Drew and Carly’s actions. Most people who get out of jail for insider trading have learned a lesson or two. But not Drew, he’s still wanting to punish Nina over something he did and rightfully got in trouble for. It seems Drew will keep slipping even further before Jason’s return. My prediction is Sonny will have to intervene.

Wednesday, January 31 Spoilers

Paris isn’t all fun and games for Trina and Spencer. They may have released themselves from the threat of Esme, but their worries remain back in Port Charles. As long as Nikolas has Ace the two of them may not be free from her bonds. Not only that, but they will find themselves in a sticky situation in France.

If any of you watch international news, you know that could be anything. There have been numerous riots and protests in the Paris area. One thing is for certain, no matter what, this will be one memorable trip for the two of them. Now there is no way Spencer will leave her on her own.

Thursday, February 1 Spoilers

Tracy being Tracy, does exactly what you would expect her to do. But surrounding the what and why is the big question. Chase and Brook Lynn’s wedding is just around the corner. Problems have started to arise and agreements are occurring. Especially between Olivia and Lois, the mother and stepmother of the bride. Will Tracy be the voice of logic in a twist of events this time?

Gregory and Tracy have struck up a nice friendship. Not many people can get through to Tracy, but Gregory made her see that the only thing that matters is their grandchildren. The love they have for each other, and the love they get to celebrate. Everyone else can push away the petty disagreements. Which isn’t as hard for Tracy as you may think.

The mother’s may be a different story. Who will Ned side with in this round?

Friday, February 2 Spoilers

At the end of the week, Laura will get a surprise. Now we know Esme has been on the run since hitting poor Kevin over the head. Dante is closing in on her in Canada, but it would be very esmesque to slip through their fingers. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the last of her, and that threat will loom large over Trina and Spencer while they are in Paris.

Laura, on the other hand, still tries to see the best people. She knows Esme is a good mother and is now in a very desperate situation. She could do anything to get her son back. Find out the lengths she will go to next week on ABC and Hulu.

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