Jeremy Irons as Alex's dad in The Morning Show season 4 is the perfect casting (Here's what he brings to the table)

Jeremy Irons is coming to The Morning Show as Alex's dad and here's why the Oscar winner is a great addition!
Photo: Jeremy Irons in Watchmen.. Image Courtesy Mark Hill/HBO
Photo: Jeremy Irons in Watchmen.. Image Courtesy Mark Hill/HBO /

The Morning Show just made a big casting of Jeremy Irons, and the Oscar-winning legend is the perfect actor to bring to the drama!

The Morning Show was one of Apple TV+’s launch series in 2019 and continues to be a top hit. The goings-on behind a TV news show has been home to wild twists and turns, backed by a top cast. It’s led by Jennifer Aniston as Alex Levy, with Reese Witherspoon as colleague Bradley Jackson.

Season 3 left off on some big notes with Alex escorting Bradley to the FBI as Bradley was ready to turn in her own brother for being part of the January 6 2022 Capitol attacks. Alex also earned a seat on the UBA board after negotiating a deal to save the network.

Season 4 was already announced as adding Oscar winner Marion Cotillard as Celene Dumont, a power player shaking things up. There was also news that new characters would include Alex’s father and now we know who’s playing him!

Per TV Line, Academy-award winner Jeremy Irons will play Martin Levy, described as “a charming, sharp, deep-thinking man with a sense of humor. And, in what has probably not been super fun for Alex her entire life, Martin pulls no emotional punches.”

It’s a great choice for a role that’s likely to bring more drama to the show.

Why Jeremy Irons fits on The Morning Show

Jeremy Irons has made a career out of stealing any project he stars in. It’s been that way since his mid-1980s breakout with films like Dead Ringers and hit its peak with him winning the Best Actor Oscar for his turn in 1990’s Reversal of Fortune and voicing Scar in The Lion King.

Since then, Irons has been a familiar face in hundreds of movies and shows and is able to handle anything from a quiet and sedate period drama to occasionally hamming it up in a blockbuster like playing Alfred in the DCEU movies. For The Morning Show, which can shift from drama to camp, Irons can make for a compelling face and handle whatever material is given to him. 

Seeing him as Aniston’s father should be interesting as well. It’s a unique casting, yet if anyone can be believable as someone who can make Alex cower a bit, it’s Irons. He has the experience to be dominant, and it’s been hinted on the show that Alex had a tough time living up to her dad’s expectations. Irons is a master of the blunt delivery with a wicked dry sarcasm, which seems to fit Martin well. It’ll also be good to see him mix with others in the cast, such as Billy Cudrup. 

We have to wait to see him in action on the show, but adding an actor as esteemed as Irons as Aniston’s father looks to make Season 4 of The Morning Show even bigger and better than ever and promises some intriguing character turns.

The Morning Show Seasons 1-3 is streaming on Apple TV+.

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