Legally Blonde prequel: Everything we know (so far) about Elle on Amazon Prime Video

Elle Woods is coming back! A Legally Blonde series is in the works at Amazon Prime Video. Here's everything you need to know.
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Amazon Prime Video has really been stepping up its game. From streaming some of our favorite network shows to providing subscribers with plenty of original content to watch, the streamer is quickly growing. And the latest announced series is sure to give it an extra push -- a Legally Blonde prequel series. From Reese Witherspoon's involvement (if at all) in the series to when it'll premiere, here's everything we know.

Reece Witherspoon's 2001 comedy Legally Blonde is a classic favorite! It's charming, fun, inspiring, and ahead of its time when it premiered. There is a sequel, Legally Blonde 2, but it's not as great as the first (still watchable, though), and fans have been waiting on a third one for ages ever since it was teased. No news on that still, unfortunately. But hey, a series? Tell me more!

Variety broke the news, a Legally Blonde prequel series is in the works at Amazon Prime Video, titled Elle. Reese Witherspoon is involved but as an executive producer. This doesn't mean the star won't make an appearance in the series. It may be a prequel, but what if it is Witherspoon's character Elle who is telling the story?

According to the source, Elle will center on Elle Woods during her teen years. Audiences will get to learn Elle's origin story and how she became the Elle we know and love. In a statement, Witherspoon shared how excited she was about the upcoming series, the star teased that Elle will see her character navigate the world as a teenager.

The series is in its early stages so, unfortunately, we do not know any casting news or a release date. In the movie, we do get to see some of Elle Woods' best friends, will a teen version of them appear in the prequel? We sure hope so, they were so fun! As for the release date, we'll have a better guess as to when that will be when more details surface, such as if the script is being worked on and edits are over. In the meantime, our best guess is that Elle will premiere in early to mid 2026. Of course, as soon as we know more, we'll update this post!

Who do you think should be cast as Elle Woods? It's not an easy role to take on. Will it be an actress we don't know anything about yet or someone who is already in the spotlight? More to come...

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