Love Island USA season 6: Are Aaron and Kaylor still together? (Don't miss tonight's new episode)

OMG is all we have to say about the situation happening over at Love Island USA! Will the bomb go off tonight?
LOVE ISLAND USA -- Pictured: Ariana Madix -- (Photo by: Kim Nunneley/Peacock)
LOVE ISLAND USA -- Pictured: Ariana Madix -- (Photo by: Kim Nunneley/Peacock) /

Spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on Love Island USA season 6. Go stream any episodes you may have missed before reading on.

Is anyone else still with their jaw on the floor after the latest episode of Love Island USA season 6? I know I am! I feel so silly for being shocked by how quickly Aaron turned his head. Not only was Aaron weirdly excited about going to Casa Amor, but he connected with Daniela right away. And by connected, I mean sucking face.

Of all the men, Aaron is the last one I thought would betray their girl. It goes to show, you can't trust a soul! However, and hear me out on this! I kind of like Daniela and Aaron together. They seem to have more chemistry than Aaron and Kaylor do. Aaron has more things in common with Daniela, and has shared more personal stories and laughs with her in the short time at Casa Amor than he has with Kaylor over the last few weeks. If you agree, please tell me so I know I'm not crazy!

And then, we have Kordell aka Mr. Nice Guy. I'll be the first to admit that I was not team Serena for how she was playing with Kordell's feelings. But my how things have changed -- and just after Serena finally opened up to Kordell, too! She is going to be devastated. Maybe not as crushed as Kaylor, but still!

Are Aaron and Kaylor still together?

Love Island USA - Season 6
LOVE ISLAND USA -- Episode 601 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kaylor Martin, Aaron Evans -- (Photo by: Ben Symons/Peacock) /

We have stalked Aaron and Kaylor's Instagram accounts and have found nothing! I'm not too surprised, to be honest. I know the cast has limited access to their social media and are not allowed to share anything. That said, we're not sure if Aaron and Kaylor are together, but I'm going to guess that they are not. Because even if Aaron returns to the villa alone, I don't think Kaylor will forgive him that easily (and hopefully not at all).

Here's what time to watch Love Island USA tonight

There's no way Kaylor and Serena don't find out what their guys have been up to in this episode, right? Love Island USA season 6 episode 21 has got to be the episode where the bomb goes off. And we need to be there to see it the moment it airs. So when is this? Tonight, July 4, at 9 p.m. ET only on Peacock!

A Peacock subscription sets you back $5.99 a month (for the ad-supported plan), which is on the lower end of what other platforms charge. The summer season is the perfect time to join the Peacock family! You won't only get access to Love Island USA, but everything else the platform has to offer.

So what's the plan? Are you going to watch episode 21 as soon as it drops on Peacock or will you save it for later on in the week? If you don't watch it right away, be sure to stay away from social media or you'll risk bumping into spoilers. And don't forget there is another new episode tomorrow, July 5, at the same time and place. It's going to be a lovely drama-packed weekend for sure.

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