Those About to Die and 3 shows to stream on Peacock in July 2024

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Surprisingly when it comes to a Peacock exclusive, there's only one new scripted series and that's Those About to Die starring Anthony Hopkins. However, there may be a few other shows that will still pique your interest if you're looking for something to watch. Plus, don't forget the Love Island USA season 6 finale will be streaming on July 21. Alright, so what does the steramer have to offer this month? Find out below!

Ear to Hear
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The Chosen season 4

Streaming Monday, July 1

The Chosen is an interesting series as some of its episodes actually had theatrical releases first. And when it comes to The Chosen season 4, the full season got that treatment! Now if you're ready to stream the new season of the series about the life of Jesus of Nazareth, the fourth installment is officially streaming on Peacock as of July 1. All 8 episodes have been added to the streamer.

According to Forbes, work on the fifth season has already started in Utah. But before we get excited about the next chapter, let's look at season 4 that's now on Peacock. We shared the official synopsis per the news outlet below:

"Clashing kingdoms. Rival rulers. The enemies of Jesus close in while His followers struggle to keep up, leaving him to carry the burden alone. Threatened by the reality of Jesus’ growing influence, religious leaders do the unthinkable—ally with their Roman oppressors. As the seeds of betrayal are planted and opposition to Jesus’ message turns violent, he’s left with no alternative but demand his followers rise up."

The Hungry Games: Alaska's Big Bear Challenge - Season 1
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The Hungry Games: Alaska's Big Bear Challenge

Streaming Thursday, July 11

Well, if you like The Hunger Games franchise I guess this is a realistic and natural take on the movie. At least that's what I see when watching the trailer (below) and seeing the title of The Hungry Games: Alaskas Big Bear Challenge! I'm actually intrigued about this one, and will definitely be checking out this unique docuseries.

During the three, hour-long episodes, we'll see brown bears in Alaska's Katami National Park "compete" as they prepare for winter hibernation. This includes getting 3 million calories and gaining up to 200 pounds. And they have 150 days to do it! New Zealand actor and comedian Rhys Darby will be narrating the series. And you can already get a feel for his light-heartedness with his voiceover in the trailer above. Are you ready to see who comes out the victor, so to speak?

Those About To Die - Season 1
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Those About to Die

Streaming Thursday, July 18

The great Anthony Hopkins is ready to take on the role of Vespasian in the new Peacock epic drama, Those About to Die. All 8 episodes will begin streaming Thursday, July 18. Set in the gladiator era of Rome, the show highlights the "corrupt world" of the intense competition which goes in depth into the "dirty business of entertaining the masses" and giving the audience what they want most - blood and sport, per the synopsis. This story about the Roman Empire sees sports, politics, and dynasties all form into one story.

Joining Hopkins onscreen are Dimitri Leonidas as Scorpus, Jojo Macari as Domitian Flavianus, Gabriella Pession as Antonia, Iwan Rheon as Tenax, Sara Martins-Court as Cala, Moe Hashim as Kwame, David Wurawa as Gavros, Tom Hughes as Titus Flavianus, and more. There's plenty of action to come, so make sure you don't miss it!

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Paris 2024 Olympics

Streaming Friday, July 26 to Sunday, Aug. 11

If sports and the Olympics are your thing, you're definitely going to want to make sure you have a Peacock subscription! That's because the platform will be streaming the sports and events from the highly-anticipated competition in detail from July 26 to Aug. 11. The opening ceremony begins on Friday, July 26. That also includes all 329 medal events! For a full list of what Peacock will be broadcasting during the Paris 2024 Olympics, check out the NBC website.

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