Mary & George episode 5 preview: What time it releases on Starz and what's next

What's next for the Villiers family in Mary & George episode 5? We don't have long to find out!
Mary & George episode 5
Mary & George episode 5 /

As always, we can expect the drama and mishaps to continue with Mary & George episode 5, which releases on Starz this Friday. The British historical drama premiered on Sky Atlantic in the UK in March, but it took a month for it to arrive stateside.

So far, we've witnessed Mary Villiers, Countess of Buckingham (Julianne Moore) start to scheme her way to greatness, and while she might not fully be there yet, she's definitely making strides. She's shipped her son George (Nicholas Galitzine) to King James' (Tony Curran) court to become his next paramour, a plan that's finally working out, and she's just married her other son John (Tom Victor) off, despite his new wife's wishes. If we've learned anything by now, Mary has very little shame when it comes to social climbing, so expect the unexpected in these final episodes!

After this week, we'll only have two episodes left of Mary & George. What have you thought of the show so far? Let's break down how and when to watch episode 5, titled "The Golden City," so you don't miss a minute, along with what to expect and a refresher of episode 4.

Episode 5 release date and time

Mary & George episode 5 releases on the Starz app and website on Friday, May 3 at 12:00 a.m. ET. That means if you're watching from the West Coast, you'll be able to start watching as early as Thursday, May 2 at 9:00 p.m. PT. If you're someone who watches the show on the channel Starz through your TV provider as opposed to the app or website, you'll have to wait until Friday night to catch the new episode. The linear airing on Starz will begin at 9:00 p.m. ET on May 3.

Mary & George - Season 1 2024
Mary & George episode 5 /

While we wait for episode 5 to release on Starz this Friday, let's discuss what went down in episode 4 and how it sets up what's to come.

Episode 4 recap

In Mary & George episode 4, "The Wolf and the Lamb," George accompanies James on a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, where he's met with more than he's expecting. James is being very erratic and unpredictable, something George is having a hard time getting used to. There's definitely something on James' mind, but he won't open up to George. Instead, he pushes him away, and George finds comfort in another.

In Scotland, George and his brother Kit (Jacob McCarthy) meet a man named Peter Carr (Dylan Brady), who happens to be the Somerset's cousin. Despite what happened between George and Somerset, it doesn't seem like there are hard feelings for Pete, and the two have sex soon after meeting. George doesn't think James will have a problem with it, but he's wrong. James is very upset and pushes George away even further, feeling betrayed. James ultimately breaks down, but he still doesn't want George there to comfort him.

Mary & George - Season 1 2024
Mary & George episode 4 /

George and Pete go off together, which is when Pete reveals his true intentions. He is very angry with George after all, and it turns out he was simply seducing him so he could kill him. Fortunately for George, Kit shows up just before he's killed and shoots and kills Pete. James learns of what happened and feels bad for George, allowing him into his bed again. He's been tricked and burned by a lover before and understands how George feels. He then explains that the whole reason they're in Scotland is so James can retrieve the embalmed heart of his first love, Lord Lennox, who severely betrayed him.

Elsewhere, Mary successfully arranges the marriage between John and Frances (Amelia Gething), though I'm unsure how that relationship is going to work. I guess we'll find out in the coming weeks. At the end of episode 4, George and James are in a great place, and Mary feels on top of the world. Will all of that come crashing down? Probably. I'm not sure if I expect a happy ending for these characters!

Episode 5 teaser and synopsis

Though Mary and George's relationship is great by the end of episode 4, the same can't be said for the upcoming fifth episode. By the looks of the teaser, which you can watch below, the mother-son duo are at odds! What could've happened to make George turn on his mom like that? Is he finally realizing she's using him for power and social ranking? It's entirely possible. As for his relationship with James, it seems to be strong still, but "war" is coming, as Mary says:

And here's the synopsis for episode 5:

"England is in trouble because Sir Walter Raleigh has attacked Spanish troops in South America; as a diplomatic newcomer at the English court, George gets caught between the fronts."

Episode 5 synopsis

Trouble is always brewing for these characters in Mary & George. Let's see who ends up on top this week. You can watch all four episodes released on Starz right now, and be sure to check back with us here at Show Snob on Friday for our recap of episode 5.

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