Mr. and Mrs. Smith will return for another season (but potentially without its lead stars)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith has earned a second season but it may be without its main stars! Find out more here!
Donald Glover, Maya Erskine
Donald Glover, Maya Erskine /

The good news for fans of Mr. & Mrs. Smith is that the spy thriller is getting a second season! The bad is that it may not have the original Smiths in it! Here’s what we know!

The 2005 movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith told of a couple (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) who are unaware each is an assassin for a government agency until they’re assigned to kill each other. Ironically, their attempts at dual homicide are just the spark their marriage needs.

After years of attempts, Prime Video finally produced a live-action show based on the movie. The 2024 series adjusts the plotline as Donald Glover and Maya Erskine play the title characters, freelance agents who are paired together as a married couple. The series follows them in their exploits while fighting real feelings for each other.

It built to a wild finale as the pair discover that they’re not the first “Smiths” to want to leave, and a pair of “cleaners” are sent after them for a bloody shootout. It left the fate of the couple up in the air as well as the show.

As part of their first-ever upfronts, Prime Video announced that there will be a second season for Mr. & Mrs. Smith, with Amazon MGM head Jennifer Salke sharing how happy they were with it. 

"We are excited to announce that a second season of our groundbreaking spy series, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, is in the works for our global Prime Video customers. The success of the first season, with its incredibly modern, sexy reinvention of the original film, is a testament to the brilliant creators Donald Glover and Francesca Sloane. We are proud to bring you another season filled with unforgettable journeys and new adventures."

So the show is coming back, but the Smiths themselves may not be part of it. 

Are Donald Glover and Maya Erskine returning for Mrs. & Mrs. Smith Season 2?

Per Variety, it appears that Glover and Erskine will not be returning for Season 2. This has yet to be confirmed by Amazon but the trade publication indicates it may be a scheduling conflict with Glover announcing he’ll be going on a world tour with Childish Gambino in August that runs through February 2025. 

Glover is still credited as co-creator and executive producer alongside Francesca Sloane. Thus, Season 2 could transform the show with a new pair of actors taking on the role of the Smiths, who are confirmed as being a code name for various couples. It’s also possible Glover himself won’t appear, but Erskine returns with her character getting a new “husband,” which would be an interesting direction. 

Again, Amazon and the actors haven’t confirmed this for sure so it’s possible Glover and Erskine might still return. The show is still expected to start production later this year for a 2025 release but clearly some points to work out. 

So it may be that a new pair of Smiths are on screen when Mr. & Mrs. Smith returns in Season 2 and continues this bizarre “marriage.”

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 1 streaming on Prime Video.

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