Netflix's 'Inside Job' season 1, episode 5 recap - 'The Brettfast Club'

The season 1, episode 5 installment of Netflix series "Inside Job" features a town lost in 1980s nostalgia.
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In the season 1, episode 5 installment of the Netflix series Inside Job, aptly titled "The Brettfast Club," the quirky team at Cognito, Inc. takes on a town stuck in the nostalgia of the 1980s, complete with outdated products and a chemtrail mix called Nostalgia Max that keeps its residents brainwashed. Here's what went down.

The episode kicks off with Jolt Cola and lawn darts, emblematic of the retro vibe permeating the town. As the Cognito crew delves deeper, they discover Nostalgia Max being dispensed to the town by their company to maintain the town's nostalgic stupor. Brett (Clark Duke), one of the key players, finds himself drawn to this era and yearns to be fully immersed.

However, the team faces a significant hurdle when Reagan (Lizzy Caplan), the no-nonsense leader, mandates that everyone must surrender their modern devices. Meanwhile, chaos ensues as Myc (Brett Gelman) accidentally falls out of a plane while dispersing Nostalgia Max, resulting in amnesia.

Inside Job going under cover

Desperate to maintain their cover and prevent exposure, the team adopts undercover personas, blending in as a typical 1980s family. Amidst encounters with stereotypical characters like nerds, jocks, and an antagonistic mayor, tensions rise. Andre (Bobby Lee), in particular, confronts the racism prevalent in the town against Asians.

As the situation intensifies, Reagan shatters Brett's idealized nostalgia by criticizing Ghostbusters. Myc, now free of his memory, unwittingly influences the local children, mirroring the plot of E.T. (that is, doing that story in reverse).

Things take a dramatic turn when Brett inadvertently becomes exposed to Nostalgia Max, transforming into a superpowered monster. Reagan, armed with knowledge gleaned from a Blockbuster video rental binge, confronts him, invoking the power of friendship and real connections over artificial nostalgia.

Nostalgia vs. being in the present

In a heartwarming moment, Reagan emphasizes the importance of genuine bonds, declaring that true family lies in friendships and shared experiences. As the episode concludes, the town's nostalgia for the 1950s hints at deeper themes of longing and escapism.

In "The Brettfast Club," Inside Job continues to blend humor, nostalgia, and social commentary, offering a thought-provoking take on the allure of the past and the importance of staying grounded in the present. Though Inside Job is canceled, fans want it to come back.

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