Outlander, BMF, and the 6 best shows you should stream on Starz

The streamer has lots of great series' to check out. Here are some of our recs!
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Fellow TV lovers, I know what it's like to be searching for a new show to watch. Though there's so much content out there, it doesn't mean all of it is worth your time. And if you're like me and get through series' quickly, it's a constant struggle to find a new show to get hooked onto. Well, look no further! If you're ready to start something new, here are 8 great shows to stream right now on Starz:

  • Outlander
  • Mary and George
  • The White Princess
  • BMF
  • Heels
  • P-Valley
  • Black Sails
  • The Serpent Queen

Ready to learn more about them? Why should you check these dramas out? Read on below for all the details!

Outlander Season 7 2023
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I know, I know. I'm sure you see Outlander on most watch lists. But I have to tell you, it's for good reason. This historical romance drama deserves all the praise, and then some. Claire, a World War II nurse who's on a second honeymoon in Scotland with her husband, Frank, after the war ends up accidentally traveling back in time to 1743. Eventually, she falls in love with Highlander Jamie Fraser while in the past, and the two face many trials and tribulations. When I tell you you won't get bored, you won't get bored. I love that every season, the story is fresh and portrays something different. And the chemistry between Jamie and Claire is just off the charts. It will melt any shippers' heart. Claire is also one of the fiercest and strongest female characters onscreen, with Jamie being the literal king of all men. Just a warning, you will swoon. Outlander is a must-watch, no joke. The series currently has six seasons and the first half of Outlander season 7 streaming, with part 2 coming to Starz in November 2024. That's plenty of time for you to catch up!

Mary and George

Another intriguing historical drama is new series Mary and George. If there's one thing that Starz knows how to do right, it's this genre for sure. That's why there's so many historical dramas on the streamer! And I'll take it. I love these kinds of stories. Mary and George is interesting because it actually focuses on George seducing King James, with the guidance of his mother, Mary. How scandalous for the time! But this is actually based on the real-life George Villiers and King James VI  who did have a relationship in the 1600s. What I love about this series is that it's a fresh take on royal historical dramas. It's a great look at LGBTQ+ representation in a time when it was basically forbidden, unless you're a king I guess, and mix it in with political strifes and rises to power. You've got yourself one heck of a story! We're almost to the finale, which will be released on Friday, May 17.

The White Princess 2017
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The White Princess

Another delicious court drama to check out if you're a fan of historical dramas like me is The White Princess! The series focuses on the marriage between Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, which helps end the Wars of the Roses between the two royal families. My favorite part about the miniseries is that Elizabeth is a strong, female character from the get-go. You have to be to survive in court, and that's exactly what she does. Even if she does end up making choices that she never thought she'd make. The show is based on a novel of the same name by Philippa Gregory. Two of the author's tales were adapted as well - The White Queen which is about Elizabeth's mother, and The Spanish Princess about Catherine of Aragon that comes after the events of The White Princess. Though if I had to choose one to watch out of the three, it's definitely the series about Henry and Elizabeth. At least go with that one first. The 8-episode miniseries is streaming on Starz.


Moving away a bit from historical dramas (but don't worry we're getting back to them!), another great show we recommend you check out on Starz is crime drama BMF. So yeah, no less dramatic than the others, just featuring different topics. BMF, also known as Black Mafia Family, is inspired by the true story of two brothers - Demetrius "Meech" Flenory and Terry "Southwest T" Flenory - who built one of the best-known and successful drug empires in the U.S.. From drug-trafficking to money laundering, they had it all in their control There are currently three seasons, and the series has been renewed for a season 4. The season 3 finale just came out on Friday, May 10. There's something about shows based on true stories that always manages to pique us TV fans' interests. And this one is no different. We get into the underbelly of the crime world, while also seeing the struggles in certain communities and how that effects people growing up in them.

Heels Season 2 2023
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Another story about two brothers is Heels starring Alexander Ludwig and Stephen Amell. Starz is usually good about giving its shows proper endings, and a chance to wrap up their stories. Unfortunately for Heels though, that wasn't the case. Even though it had a loyal fanbase, the series couldn't secure a season 3 renewal from the network. And it's truly a shame because it would have at least been nice to get a proper conclusion for viewers who have been tuning in from the start. Even though the story is unfinished, I still think you should give it a try if you haven't. It's so much more than just wrestling. It's a story about complicated families and relationships within a family, how power can affect your relationships, and what it takes to succeed in the physically demanding wrestling world.

P-Valley Season 1 2020
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P-Valley has been nominated for multiple awards including the GLAAD Media Awards and NAACP Image Awards. And the series definitely deserves the recognition! The show follows the lives of employees at The Pynk strip club. It does a really great job of depicting those with less economic fortune, portrays real struggles, and has a way of keeping you invested in the story. The first two seasons are currently streaming on Starz, and the series has been renewed for a third season which has just began filming. Be sure to check it out!

Black Sails Key Season 3 2016
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Black Sails

An oldie but a goodie is definitely pirate adventure, Black Sails. This show has an exceptional cast and the characters' stories are in-depth, with a lot of character development throughout its run. That's what I always like to see. It's not fun when characters are one-dimensional and their stories stay the same across multiple seasons. Thankfully, that doesn't happen on Black Sails. The show is a pirate adventure through and through, which means that there's some crazy storylines, battles, and other drama on the high seas that makes for an exciting adventure. Pirates are known for their brutality, and this is a depiction of that in an entertaining way. The historical adventure has a total of four seasons.

The Serpent Queen

Let's end this list with a royal historical drama, because why not. Like I said, this is Starz's strong suit! The Serpent Queen has become another popular show on the network, and for good reason. Us fans have eagerly been waiting for season 2, and any updates about it. Thankfully, the streamer has confirmed the show is coming back sometime this year in 2024. But no release date has been shared yet. We follow the life of Catherine De'Medici, Queen of France. When she's 14 years old, she gets married to the king. She's smart, clever, and knows how to get her way in the world of court politics. And that's how she was able to rule for 30 years. Royal shows have been done a lot, but this one is one you really should check out.

Other shoutouts if you need even more shows to watch: Gaslit, Power, Men in Kilts (docuseries with Outlander star Sam Heughan)

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