Bridgerton season 3 recap and ending explained: Do Penelope and Colin get married?

Bridgerton. Episode 307 of Bridgerton. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024
Bridgerton. Episode 307 of Bridgerton. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024 /

Season 3 of Netflix's ongoing period piece, romance drama Bridgerton was far from dull, covering several side plots alongside the long-awaited union of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton. For years Penelope and Colin remained close friends, although she withheld her true feelings for the traveling Bridgerton son.

Not even Eloise knew of Penelope's feelings for her brother. But after realizing Colin would never pursue her, and fed up with living with her unloving family, Penelope decided to take action and find herself a husband this season. Little did she know, she'd find a husband in the one man she desired all along. How did this all happen?

Bridgerton. (L to R) Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington, Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton in episode 308 of Bridgerton. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024 /

Penelope and Colin's story

Colin has craved the attention of the ton, especially after he's been known for his traveling habits and appearance. After returning from his travels yet again, he becomes the most sought-after bachelor, much to Penelope's dismay.

But she remains steadfast in finding herself a husband, even changing her appearance. Even with a new look, Penelope lacked the social skills of a charming and desirable young woman, having been a wallflower for many years.

Colin decides to help Penelope find a husband and, as luck would have it, she draws the attention of Lord Debling. In the process, Colin discovers he's been blind to the fact that Penelope embodies all the qualities of an ideal wife.

As her relationship with Lord Debling blossoms so does Colin's inability to function without thinking of her. With Penelope's engagement looming, Colin's interference leads to a heartfelt confession followed by a steamy encounter in a carriage.

Now that the two are engaged, Eloise constantly threatens Penelope about revealing her secret unless she confesses to Colin first. Penelope is able to dodge this situation once Cressida Cowper reveals, or rather lies, that she is Lady Whistledown.

But after Eloise changes course to save Penelope and ask that Colin not know the truth, he discovers the truth anyway after following Penelope straight to the printers. Although he agrees to still marry her, especially after their intimate moment which could ruin her prospects, he struggles to accept this harsh truth. He eventually learns to separate Penelope and Lady Whistledown, learning of her reasoning as to why she was writing and realizing her writing, at times, did help the ton.

Bridgerton. (L to R) Polly Walker as Lady Portia Featherington, Ruth Gemmell as Lady Violet Bridgerton, Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington, Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton in episode 308 of Bridgerton. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024 /

Season 3 finale

We've come to the conclusion of season 3 and let us say, we couldn't be happier how everything wrapped up. With the exception of Benedict, who seems lost and lonely now that Eloise has left London with Francesca and her husband, everyone has reached their happy ending.

For our lovebirds of the season, Penelope and Colin, things couldn't be better. The two welcomed the birth of their son, the heir of the Featherington estate and fortune. Penelope's sisters welcomed daughters of their own, and it appears as though relations with the family have improved. As Penelope releases a new Lady Whistledown pamphlet, it is revealed that she will be writing as herself.

She is retiring the name of Lady Whistledown and deciding to use her actual voice going forward. However, we do not know what that will mean for the future of her writing. Will she still write the gossip the ton desperately craves, or will she write about something entirely different? The ton had accepted her confession and apology, including Queen Charlotte herself.

Whatever course Penelope decides to take, she has the support of her family and her loving husband. For her, we believe that matters most of all.

Bridgerton. (L to R) Luke Thompson as Benedict Bridgerton, Hannah New as Lady Tilley Arnold in episode 307 of Bridgerton. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024 /

Everyone else

As we mentioned Benedict struggles to find love yet again. He and the widowed Tilley Arnold begin a sexual relationship, which soon includes her friend Paul. But by the end of the season, Tilley wants an exclusive relationship with Benedict. He, however, realizing he wants freedom above all else declines.

Francesca Bridgerton debuted this season but struggled to fit in as she's quiet and reserved. Her musical talents attract Queen Charlotte who soon desires her to be matched with Lord Samadani. As luck would have it, Francesca does not wed Lord Samadani but the Earl of Kilmartin, who shares similar characteristics, including his desire for peace and quiet. The two wed in a private ceremony and leave London for Scotland, with Eloise in tow, desperate to see the world. And, John's cousin Michaela Stirling is tagging along. And their might be sparks there between her and Francesca.

Anthony and Kate remain happily married and expecting a child who will probably be born in India. Will and Alice Mondrich sell the club and enter the world of high society after Alice's relative passes and her son inherits the estate and fortune.

Cressida Cowper gets her just rewards. After spending the season lying about being Lady Whistledown, trying to find a husband, even befriending Eloise (sort of), and constant cruelty towards Penelope, she is sent to live with her aunt away from London.

Lady Danbury resolves her years of bad blood between herself and her brother Marcus who may be pursuing Violet Bridgerton soon. Although the big question remains who will find love in season 4? We'd love to hear your thoughts and theories as to whom it will be.

Bridgerton season 3 is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Don't worry gentle readers, Bridgerton season 4 is coming! (But don't expect it any time soon). Don't worry gentle readers, Bridgerton season 4 is coming! (But don't expect it any time soon). dark. Next