Peacock is the must-have streamer to have if you love reality TV

If you love reality TV as much as we do here at Show Snob, Peacock is a streamer you are going to want to have!
In this photo illustration a Peacock logo of an US video...
In this photo illustration a Peacock logo of an US video... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

When it comes to streaming services, it's fair to say that Peacock is one of the smaller platforms if you compare it to Netflix, Hulu, and others. But we still love them all! After all, we are Show Snobs who believe in quality over quantity. Not to mention, each service has something to offer, and for reality TV drama Peacock is our go-to.

If you love reality TV as much as we do, Peacock is THE streamer to have, especially this summer. Because let's be honest, these are crazy times. We are going to need more than a couple of reality shows to keep us entertained this summer season. And the messier, the better! Luckily, Peacock has plenty to offer.

Currently, available to stream on Peacock, my top three shows I recommend you check out (if you haven't already) are The Traitors, Deal or No Deal Island, and Couple to Throuple. Below, we also share upcoming reality shows to keep on your radar.

The Traitors (Peacock Original)

The Traitors is hosted by Alan Cumming, who leads a group of contestants in the ultimate game of deception. The contestants are forced to work together in a series of challenges to win up to $250,000. Where does the deception come in? Participants have to identify who the traitors are to vote them out, but this is a task that is easier said than done. There are two seasons available to stream on Peacock with a third season on the way.

Deal or No Deal Island (NBC)

Deal or No Deal is a new reality competition series that premiered on NBC at the start of 2024. If you missed the show when it aired on its network, all episodes of the first season are streaming on Peacock. The show is a spin-off of Deal or No Deal, but features contestants in physical challenges taking place in a gorgeous island setting. Each week, the winner of the challenge can select a contestant to play the Banker's Challenge. The last contestant remaining then plays the final Deal or No Deal game to win the largest prize.

Couple to Throuple (Peacock Original)

Now, if you are into messy, messy drama, Peacock's Couple to Throuple is a must-watch. Sadly, it has not yet been renewed for a second season, but hopefully getting more people to watch it will help its chances -- so get to it! Couple to Throuple stars couples who feel they are missing something in their relationship. Or, rather, someone. These couples have signed up to experiment with polyamory, meeting singles in hopes of finding their third. This goes without saying, but expect drama, heartbreak, and more drama.

Queer Planet (Peacock Original)

Premiering on June 6, Queer Planet is a nature documentary that explores animal sexuality. From "flamboyant flamingos," pansexual primates, and even mushrooms, there are no limits to what a group of scientists attempt to learn about in this Peacock Original. Queer Planet asks the question -- what is considered natural when it comes to sex and gender in the animal world? The documentary is narrated by Andrew Rannells and is a one-part special that runs for approximately 90 minutes.

Love Island USA season 6 (Peacock Exclusive)

Love Island USA is moving exclusively to Peacock and it premieres on June 11. The reality dating series will follow a group of singles searching for love (and maybe a few other things). These fiery singles are placed in a beautiful villa where they will meet, pair up, and participate in a series of challenges that will test their loyalty to their new partner. I don't have to tell you that there will be plenty of heartbreak and drama. And this is before new singles arrive at the resort ready to spice things up (and break couples up, in the process).

Which of these reality TV shows will you be watching on Peacock this summer? Is there one you believe we should add?