Presumed Innocent episode 2 recap: Things go from bad to worse for Rusty

Things go from bad to worse for Rusty in Presumed Innocent episode 2 on Apple TV+. Let's recap!
Presumed Innocent episode 2
Presumed Innocent episode 2 /

One of the most anticipated series has arrived! The first two episodes of Presumed Innocent are streaming on Apple TV+ and has been very well received by both audiences and critics. If you're not watching, you're missing out! Luckily, you are only two episodes behind so far. All caught up? Let's recap!

Spoiler alert! If you have yet to watch episodes 1 and 2 of Presumed Innocent, titled "Bases Loaded" and "People vs. Rozat Sabich," please note that there are spoilers ahead as we chat about significant events. Go stream the episode on Apple TV+ before reading ahead.

Episode 2, "People vs. Rozat Sabich," does not skip a beat! Picking up right where it left us, Tommy (Peter Sarsgaard) repeats the question to Rusty (Jake Gyllenhaal), "Do you have any idea who the father could be?" Yikes! Rusty tells Tommy that he does not, and that if they want a paternity test, Tommy is going to have to get a search warrant, first.

Raymond (Bill Camp) is shocked to learn that Rusty kept such a big secret from him. To say Raymond is angry at Rusty is an understatement. But no one is more hurt than Rusty's wife, Barbara (Ruth Negga). Knowing that this is going to come to light sooner than later, Rusty decides to tell his wife. Barbara is confused, didn't this end a year ago? Turns out it did, but Rusty tells Barbara that he and Carolyn (Renate Reinsve) got back together not long ago, but that it didn't "even last a week." How heartbreaking! Barbara looks crushed. Refusing to deal with the pain alone, Barbara makes Rusty tell their kids about the affair.

Both Jaden (Chase Infiniti) and Kyle (Kingston Rumi Southwick) are angry and they hurt for their mother. To make matters worse, police arrive at Rusty's home with a warrant to search every inch of his home and another warrant forcing Rusty to take a paternity case. The results? Positive. Rusty was the father of Carolyn's baby. He is arrested and later surprised to see Raymond show up as his defense attorney. Rusty had reached out to Raymond about defending him, but Raymond refused. I'm glad he came around.

Presumed Innocent episode 2 /

Even though this is no longer his case, Rusty continues to investigate. After all, his freedom and reputation is at stake here. While looking through the case files Bunny Davis (a woman murdered in similar ways as how Carolyn was found) he learns that there were two spermatozoa samples. Meaning that the man, Liam Reynolds, he and Carolyn put in prison for Bunny's murder may not have been guilty. The second sample came up as inconclusive, but this could've changed everything for Liam. And according to the forensics team, Carolyn was aware of this second sample and decided to go after Liam, anyway.

This begs the question -- did Carolyn put an innocent man in prison? Is her real killer the one who did this? An even bigger question is, who texted Rusty? After being released from jail (until his court date), Rusty is watching TV with his family when he gets a text that reads "You were there, I saw you." Do we have a witness here?

New updates: Who killed Carolyn?

Here is everything we know so far about Carolyn's case:

  • No signs of a break-in mean Carolyn knew her killer
  • Carolyn was pregnant with Rusty's baby at the time of her murder
  • Raymond is Rusty's defense attorney
  • Rusty's fingerprints were found at the scene
  • Rusty's family knows about the affair
  • There's a witness who saw Rusty at the scene, but who is it?

Did we miss any clues? Go rewatch Presumed Innocent episodes 1 and 2 on Apple TV+. The third episode, titled "Discovery," will drop on the platform on Wednesday, June 19.

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