Pretty Little Liars: Summer School raises the stakes in Episode 7 (Recap)

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 7 on Max
Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 7 on Max /

As the finale of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School approaches, the Liars are desperate to knowwho is tormenting them and why. While the new episode, "Chapter Seventeen: The Bogeyman," didn't offer much in the way of answers, it did provide enough new information for fans to guess where things might be heading next.

In order to get there, you'll need to hang on through the relationship drama in order to catch all of the clues as to who might be involved in the Bloody Rose plot and who isn't. The Liars have been much more honest about what's happening to them this time, so we can expect that the final episode of the season will include a lot of moving parts.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 7 on Max /

Imogen is struggling after her discovery in Episode 6

The episode opens on a dream sequence from Imogen, who is thoroughly traumatized by her discovery at the end of episode 6. She imagines a world in which she is happy with her mother and daughter, the way things should have been. That is, of course, until her mother turns into Bloody Rose and ruins everything.

While Imogen has been trying to hold all the pieces together, the other Liars are doing what they can to help her. She acknowledges that her mother being under the mask doesn't make any sense, but it is what she saw. The others assure her that it must have been because she had been primed to believe that by the location and Kelly's performance.

Noa and Faran each manage to get past Imogen's encounter with a little time with their love interests. Noa tells Jen that she is choosing her, and Faran starts a physical relationship with Greg, who came to check on her. However, Imogen is still being mentally tormented. In another dream sequence, she walks in on Dr. Sullivan getting ready alongside masks of Davie Adams and Bloody Rose.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 7 on Max /

Gathering evidence on their prime suspects

All of the Liars meet up before school to discuss who might actually be under the Bloody Rose mask. Putting a resurrected Davie aside, they think there's a good chance that the attacker is a mother who sympathized with Rose Waters. Faran suggests Mrs. Beasley, while Tabby thinks it might be Mrs. Langsbury. Imogen worries that it might actually be Dr. Sullivan.

Although those three are the most likely, there is some discussion to be wary of Kelly and even Christian. To get a better idea of what's going on, they all get their marching orders. Imogen schedules an appointment with Dr. Sullivan, Tabby goes to talk with Christian about life-like masks, Faran talks to Kelly, and Mouse resolves to watch SpookySpaghetti. Noa has relationship drama to manage instead.

Faran meets up with Kelly to discuss the Bloody Rose drama, and while Kelly is initially resistant to hearing anything she has to say, she eventually starts listening. She tells Faran that Pastor Malachai shut down Redemption House, which is the second time a disappearance from the church has been explained away. When Faran tells her to look out for red roses, Kelly gets spooked.

In the meantime, Tabby asks Christian about how easy it would be to make realistic masks. He explains that it's not really his preference, as anybody could do it with a 3D printer. At that point, Wes turns up, telling them that he quit the Orpheum and is planning to move to LA. While there's clearly still tension between all of them, he apologizes and mentions that he recommended they be co-managers with him gone.

Wes might not be dead, but it seems like Noa's relationship definitely is. She sits Shawn down after their daily jog to break up with him. On Jen's suggestion, she avoids mentioning their relationship, leaving him with little explanation other than the relationship not feeling right anymore.

Kelly is investigating Faran's concerns, with worrying results. She calls Sandy's mom, who says that she is still in Millwood, working on Redemption House. Apparently, whoever killed Sandy has been texting her mother every night. On top of that, Mrs. Beasley has a bountiful garden full of red roses.

Faran isn't around to hear about all of this, however, because she is in trouble at work. The guy she fired several episodes ago is suing for wrongful termination, despite the fact that he fell asleep on duty.

Tabby also has complications at work. While Christian tries to plan a Horror Noir marathon for the theatre, Tabby is stuck imagining Bloody Rose. That's when a man comes in, explaining that he is a film location scout interested in shooting a horror film at the Orpheum. Although he won't confirm, Tabby suspects the film is going to be about the events of last season.

Finally, Imogen goes to her appointment with Dr. Sullivan. She begins by telling her about the attacks, just to accuse Dr. Sullivan of being the one behind them. In her defense, Dr. Sullivan offers her own 'Bogeyman story.' While she was treating Rose Waters, she apparently met Archie at the Waters house. She left out of terror and has felt haunted by him ever since. When her son Sebastian was killed, she believed it was Archie punishing her for not helping him.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 7 on Max /

The Bloody Rose cult escalates

While the others are being social, Mouse is pretty focused on the Bloody Rose problem. Someone comes into the pawn shop to sell a gaming tablet, because his son participated in the Bloody Rose challenge of cutting his forehead.

That freaks her out, so she looks for more information on SpookySpaghetti. There's an update there that explains that, if Archie dies (as he has been sentenced to), there must be "blood atonement." In order to try to stop them, Mouse posts a video pretending to be Angela, asking for the bloodshed to stop.

In contrast to that development, the other side plots feel pretty weak. Faran talks to her mom about the potential lawsuit at the pool. Shawn realizes Noa was cheating and gets upset. Tabby and Imogen both decide to spend the night with their boyfriends, telling them everything that has been going on all summer.

When Mouse checks SpookySpaghetti later that night, she finds a ton of angry comments. People figured out that the Angela video was created by her, and they post threats about her and her grandmother.

Although Faran manages to turn the legal situation around at the pool and Imogen gets her first proper night of sleep in a long time, the terror is still palpable. Tabby dreams that Wes is the one shooting the Millwood Massacre movie, a nightmare which quickly turns to Bloody Rose appearing and stabbing her.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 7 on Max /

Setting up the finale

In the final third of this episode, it starts really focusing on putting pieces in place for the finale. Kelly and her mother visit Karen's grave, and Kelly asks who her mother blames for her death. While she admits that Archie was the one to kill Karen, Mrs. Beasley also gives the Liars some of the responsibility, saying they will get what's coming to them.

Tabby and Christian go to Wes's place, which is cleared out. That helps her move past her nightmare, but she decides that she is going to make her own movie about the Millwood Massacre, where nobody can whitewash her or edit her life story. While Christian is supportive, he suggests they leave town for now. She refuses, saying that running away never works.

Mouse called a meeting with her computer teacher, Mr. Gardner, to show him the SpookySpaghetti website. She hopes that there might be a way to stop the website, as it is the main meeting spot for the Bloody Rose cult members. He agrees that it's dangerous and offers to try to crash the website.

Dr. Sullivan called Imogen, telling her she has proof of her story. They go to the Millwood cemetery, where Dr. Sullivan's son is buried, and she tells Imogen that she would never lie about him. Trusting her a little more, Imogen leaves her to grieve while she visits her mother's grave.

When Noa comes home, Jen is upset. She tells her that Shawn found out that they'd been having an affair, yelled at her, and punched a hole in the wall. Noa immediately goes on the defensive, grabbing a bat and heading to his place.

Kelly is incredibly suspicious of her mother, so she drugs her and locks her in the prayer closet. She calls Faran for help, asking her to meet up at the Millwood Pool. However, Faran is currently out with Greg and doesn't get the message.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 7 on Max /

Danger, danger, everywhere

The next five scenes happen in quick succession, with each one upping the finale's stakes. Imogen gets up from her mom's grave and finds a bundle of red roses at Karen's grave. She looks around to find Dr. Sullivan, but she is gone. There are rose petals all over the car seats, as a calling card for the kidnapping.

When Mouse gets home, she finds that her grandmother has a visitor: Rose Waters. (The real one). Faran gets Kelly's voicemail and heads to the pool. Kelly was there alone, when Bloody Rose appeared behind her and attacked.

Noa went to Shawn's house, bashing his car in with a baseball bat. He comes out and yells at her about cheating on him, and she tells him that she'll beat him up if he ever comes near her or Jen again. Faran gets to the pool, and there is a body floating in the water. (Presumably Kelly). Outside, Bloody Rose dramatically slashes her knife against the fence.

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