Pretty Little Liars: Summer School reveals who Bloody Rose is (And it's definitely not who we were expecting!)

This Bloody Rose reveal is, well, bloody good! Find out who "A" really is. Spoilers below.
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Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 6 finally revealed who is under the bloody gauze and the person terrorizing the girls all season. Bloody Rose has been revealed in the final moments of the episode, and it definitely wasn't who we expected it to be! I made a few guesses and list of suspects (check them out here), but definitely didn't predict this one. SPOILERS BELOW if you haven't watched the episode yet, turn back now and come back when you have.

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Drum roll please... Bloody Rose in Summer School is... Davie Adams. Aka Imogen's mom! Since the very first episode back in PLL: Original Sin, it's been known that Davie died by suicide and was found by Imogen in the bathtub at their home due to her guilt over Angela Waters' death. This was after she had received a message from "A," who was Archie Waters and Principal Clanton at the time. But now, this is really a twist I did not see coming!

How is she alive? How and why did she become Bloody Rose? Why is she trying to kill her own daughter and her friends? What does she want? There's so many questions I need the answer to! And we're going to have to wait until episode 7 next week as the sixth episode literally ended with this cliffhanger. After the little liars entered Hell House hosted by the church, which is definitely an appropriate name.

Imogen entered her mother's bedroom and that's where Bloody Rose appeared. The two struggle for a while and Imogen works the gauze off to see who's underneath. We don't see her face, but the other girls run in and ask who Imogen saw, and she says it's her mom. And then, cut to black. Wow! I'm still in shock that it's Davie. What about you?

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I don't know how to feel about this reveal. I think it's a really good plot twist that I certainly didn't predict. Perhaps some of you fans out there were smarter than me, but I didn't see this coming. I do want to point out that I did guess it was someone's mom. I had that theme down. But I wouldn't have guessed it's Davie! It is a bit of a shame because Imogen has such great and heartwarming memories with her mom, and she's remembered so often throughout these two seasons. Now, the image of Davie will be tainted with blood. Literally. One theory I have is that it could be Davie's identical twin sister that perhaps Imogen didn't know about. This wouldn't be a new plot twist in the franchise.

Now at this point, all the girls have faced their Final Girl tests except for Tabby. What's coming for her? I haven't been the biggest fan of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School when it comes to certain aspects, but this Bloody Rose reveal is, well, bloody good! It's really interesting and I'm intrigued to know what comes next. On Thursday, June 13, episode 7 drops and we'll start to get more answers. And then the following week on June 20, 2024 is the finale! I can't believe we're already near the end. Poor Imogen. She's gone through so much trauma, and this is surely going to add so much to it. How is she going to be able to face her mom? We'll find out soon!

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