Should we just give up on Euphoria season 3?

Have we reached a point where we should just give up hope on Euphoria season 3 happening? After recent events and rumors, do we even WANT it to happen?
Euphoria season 2
Euphoria season 2 /

Euphoria fans are feeling anything but euphoric right now as season 3 updates are nonexistent and everything we know about it so far isn't very optimistic. At all. Let's just say, being a fan of the hit HBO series is not easy! If you haven't joined the Euphoria train, don't. Save yourself!

No. Jokes aside, the first season of Euphoria is incredible. From the performances to the visuals (and even the soundtrack), it's a work of art. The second season is great, too, but it does feature some questionable storylines, ruining some of our favorite character developments. The season 2 finale left us with a lot of unanswered questions, particularly the fate of Fez (portrayed by Angus Cloud), a fan favorite and arguably the heart of the series. Most of you may already know that Cloud passed away on July 2023 at the young age of 25 due to an accidental drug overdose. And, to be honest, we don't really want the show to go on without him.

Actress Barbie Ferreira (who plays Kat) announced shortly after season 2 wrapped that she would not be returning to play Kat in season 3. According to unconfirmed rumors, Ferreira and series creator Sam Levinson had disagreements on the direction Ferreira's character was going and the two would often clash on set.

Euphoria season 3 is confirmed, last we heard, but there have been several delays and changes of plans. For example, filming for the upcoming season was supposed to start in late 2023, according to reports. However, that has not happened and we are already quickly approaching the middle of 2024. When season 3 was confirmed, it was announced that the new episodes would premiere in the year 2025 -- will that even still happen with filming in limbo?

In late 2023, HBO boss Casey Bloys shared a vague update, telling fans that Euphoria season 3 would not be coming out until 2025 because of the strikes. I understand the strikes pushed a lot of work back, but to still not have any updates is concerning. And the cast of Euphoria is only growing more popular! Booking new projects left and right. If filming doesn't happen until late 2024, we'll be lucky if season 3 drops in late 2025 or even early 2026. This brings me to my next question -- do we even want another season at this point? Sure, we were left with questions, but that's okay. We can all just appreciate and love Euphoria for what it was.

Stay tuned! I'll be sure to update this post as soon as more details surface. In the meantime, you can stream the first two seasons of Euphoria on Max.

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