Sorry, Dark Matter episode 10 is not happening!

Sci-fi folks were looking forward to a new episode of Dark Matter tonight, but episode 10 is not happening.
Dark Matter on Apple TV+
Dark Matter on Apple TV+ /

Dark Matter on Apple TV+ has kept us on the edge of our seats since the premiere episode on May 8. The streamer has really taken the sci-fi genre and made it its own with other hits that include Constellation and Severance. But viewers were left disappointed after the episode 9 events. Sadly, that is where things end.

If you haven't been keeping up with your favorite shows, we don't blame you! These are busy times, and shows don't make things any easier by releasing seasons with an odd number of episodes. That said, we regret to inform you that Dark Matter season 1 consists of only nine episodes and not 10. It's an odd choice, why not just round things up with 10 episodes or cut a few unecessary scenes for a total of eight episodes? I don't know, the number nine for a season episode count is just a strange choice.

Those who feel disappointed by the season 1 finale were really hoping one more episode would tie things up more nicely, but that's all we're getting folks! As for a second season, I really don't think so. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy Dark Matter, I recommend it and think it's a sci-fi winner. However, it did sort of go a little too crazy there towards the end. I hate to be the person who says it, but the finale could have been so much better if it had stuck closer to the pages of Blake Crouch's book of the same name. I don't mean page by page, that makes book adaptations no fun, but it just changed things too much for my liking. And, based on other reviews I have read of the season 1 finale, for most of anyone's liking.

All of this to say, we accept the wild (and not in a good way) finale and only wish to move on to the next series on Apple TV+. And this one should be Severance season two, which we are expecting to premiere sometime this year. The streamer has been keeping us in the dark about when to expect the second season of Severance, all we know is that it's on its way! In the meantime, have you checked out Presumed Innocent? It's spectacular! My current favorite. It's streaming on Apple TV+ so give it a watch.

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