Spy thriller The Veil is off to a less than thrilling start

The first two episodes of The Veil from FX are now streaming on Hulu. But the spy thriller is anything but exciting. Will the series pick up?
"THE VEIL" -- Pictured: Elisabeth Moss as Imogen Salter. CR: FX
"THE VEIL" -- Pictured: Elisabeth Moss as Imogen Salter. CR: FX /

I was excited to learn that FX was working on The Veil, a spy thriller for their FX on Hulu deal. And when it was announced that the series would feature Elisabeth Moss as the lead, I couldn't wait! Moss is one of my favorite actresses, always delivering a powerful performance in drama and horror. If you haven't watched Moss' The Handmaid's Tale or The Invisible Man, you are missing out! But did The Veil meet my high expectations? Here are my thoughts!

Haven't watched the first two episodes on Hulu? No worries! There are no spoilers ahead.

The Veil follows Imogene Salter (Moss), a highly-ranked spy who is the agent you go to when you want the get the job done and as quickly as possible. One of Salter's strongest abilities is being able to flawlessly assume a new identity and blend into any crowd. This is why, when the mission is to rescue Adila El Idrissi (Yumna Marwan), a woman being held captive, in order to gain Adila's trust, agent Salter is the obvious choice.

As you may have already imagined, things do not go as planned. The line between right and wrong begins to blur as Salter begins to grow close to Adilah. Now, on paper, this seems like an action-packed, thrilling series with a rich narrative. Unfortunately, it fails to impress with a slow start and over-the-top, silly stunts. The only thing The Veil is rich in is the amount of clichés and unnecessary twists you'll see coming a mile away.

To be fair, we are only two episodes in. The Veil is a little on the short side with a total of six episodes. This means we only have four more to go, but is that enough to win audiences back? I sure hope so! A lot can happen in one episode. Here's the episode release schedule for all six episodes so you don't miss out (all of which drop on Hulu at 3 a.m. ET):

  • Episode 1, titled "The Camp," now streaming
  • Episode 2, titled "Crossing the Bridge," now streaming
  • Episode 3, titled "The Asset," streams May 7
  • Episode 4, titled "Declassified," streams May 14
  • Episode 5, titled "Grandfather's House," streams May 21
  • Episode 6, titled "The Cottage," streams May 28

If you would rather wait to see more reviews before commiting to a new series, check back! We'll be sharing more about The Veil as new episodes drop.

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