Tell Me Lies and the 4 worst shows on Hulu (and what to stream instead)

These are the five worst shows on Hulu. Do you agree with our picks or did we name your personal favorite?
Tell Me Lies -- “Castle on a Cloud” - Episode 107 -- The group goes to Evan’s lake house to celebrate his 21st birthday. Lucy (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen (Jackson White), shown. (Photo by: Josh Stringer/Hulu)
Tell Me Lies -- “Castle on a Cloud” - Episode 107 -- The group goes to Evan’s lake house to celebrate his 21st birthday. Lucy (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen (Jackson White), shown. (Photo by: Josh Stringer/Hulu) /

Listen, Hulu truly is one of our favorite streamers! But nothing is perfect. That said, we’re listing the five worst shows on the platform. Let us know if you agree with our picks!

We are so sorry, Hulu! We love you, but you do host some terrible shows – all streamers do, to be fair! There’s no perfect platform. In fact, Hulu is one of the best out there if you think about it. Many streaming services feature hit-and-miss shows. I'm not pointing fingers here, but I'm looking at you, Netflix. But Netflix gets away with it because the shows that are hits are massive hits. Do you need a few examples? Sure! There’s Stranger Things, YOU, and Outer Banks, to name a few! 

The shows (and movies) you’ll find on Hulu, on the other hand, are more consistent, offering subscribers quality, a talented cast, and unique stories. And isn't it quality over quantity? I think so! Among all the streamers, Hulu stands out due to its diverse content and even mix of current TV shows that air on cable networks and original series and movies. It also helps that Hulu is one of the most affordable platforms today. The ad-supported plan will only set you back $7.99 a month (or save even more by paying $79.99 a year). 

Behind every great series on Hulu, however, a few bad eggs stand. Here are (in our humble opinion) the five worst shows streaming on Hulu. 

Tell Me Lies

Kicking things off with the series spoiled in the headline here is Tell Me Lies. I really wanted to love this show, but it just didn’t do anything for me. Based on the novel of the same name by Carola Lovering, Tell Me Lies follows the toxic relationship between Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco over eight years. The story mostly focuses on the past, introducing the main players and how they first meet. Audiences only get glimpses of the present time. And instead of focusing more on the relationship and developing the story, Tell Me Lies leans with an unnecessary amount of sex (and some nudity) for the shock factor of it all. Even more shocking is the fact that this drama series was renewed for a second season. But this renewal happened in 2022 and we have not heard much ever since. Fingers crossed it stays that way. 

The Kardashians
The Kardashians -- Season 2 -- Cameras return to capture the ever-changing lives of Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie. The family welcomes viewers back to stand with them through their biggest triumphs and struggles. From fiery romances and life changing milestones to unimaginable successes. The family bond remains unbreakable as they navigate their public and private lives for the world to see. Kim, shown. (Courtesy of Hulu) /

The Kardashians

I highlighted Hulu’s The Kardashians as one of the worst shows on the streamer in another feature, but I’m still going to mention it here. If you know me, you know that I love reality TV drama! But the Kardashian-Jenner family? Sorry, but I’m so over them. Lately, I’ve been more into shows like Love Island USA on Peacock and Perfect Match on Netflix. Not only that, but the teaser trailers for each season promise so much tea and big reveals, but they always fail to deliver. It’s a pass for me. 

The Path

Remember The Path on Hulu, starring Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan? No? Good. Skip this paragraph because you don’t need to. All joking (sorta) aside, The Path did initially catch my attention. I love Aaron Paul, and the premise looks great on paper. The mystery drama follows Eddie Lane (Paul) and his family, all members of a new-age spiritual movement known as Meyerism (aka a cult). But after a disturbing vision, Eddie begins to have doubts. Eddie’s wife (portrayed by Monaghan) quickly catches on and grows suspicious. She is a strong figure in Meyerism, so Eddie has the potential to ruin it all for their family. For a while, The Path did enjoy a decent fan following, running for three seasons. Ultimately, after taking audiences in circles with little to no explanation about what is actually happening, The Path was canceled after season 3.

Into the Dark 

Before giving us bite-size scares with American Horror Stories, Hulu tried its hand at horror with the anthology series Into the Dark. Unfortunately, it only ran for two seasons and never received too much attention or positive reviews from audiences or critics. Simply put, Into the Dark does not deliver the horrors fans of the genre crave. Honestly, I don’t even think AHStories is a good series, either, it features more fails than wins. But if I have to crown the worst horror anthology I have to go with Into the Dark. 

Lord of Lies
Marvel's Runaways -- "Lord of Lies" - Episode 303 -- The Runaways become suspicious of one another with a traitor among them. Catherine takes responsibility for her past. Leslie seeks help protecting the child growing inside her. Chase (Gregg Sulkin), Molly (Allegra Acosta), Gert (Ariela Barer), Xavin (Clarissa Thibeaux), Alex (Rhenzy Feliz), Karolina (Virginia Gardner), Leslie (Annie Wersching) and Nico (Lyrica Okano), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu) /

Marvel’s Runaways

I really fooled myself into thinking I enjoyed Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu. I hung around for two seasons, but I could not get myself to watch an episode more when it was renewed for a third season. From the poor acting to lazy storytelling, Marvel’s Runaways simply lacks the magic that the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has. This drama streamed during Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the introduction of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man into the MCU, and even Avengers: Endgame. These movies are a tough act to follow as it is. During a time when Marvel fans only accepted greatness, Marvel’s Runaways simply did not meet our standards. 

Here’s what to stream on Hulu, instead of the above

For drama and just the right amount of shock, stream The Handmaid’s Tale. Seeking reality TV trash? Love Island USA season 6 is our current favorite – stream it on Peacock! But Hulu also has some great reality TV options such as The Bachelorette season 21, which just premiered on July 8. New episodes will become available to stream on Hulu the day after they air on ABC (so Tuesday mornings). 

Craving horror? It’s almost spooky season! Stream the movie No One Will Save You on Hulu and we also recommend the series Castle Rock for a good mystery and chills. Want to jump on a current hit? Look no further than The Bear. And as for a personal Hulu favorite, we suggest watching Under the Bridge. 

What will you be streaming on Hulu? Do you have any favorites you believe should also be mentioned here? What about the worst Hulu original shows in your opinion? 

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