The 13 most anticipated TV shows of 2024

There are some great shows coming in 2024, but these nine shows are definitely standouts to keep an eye on!
Knuckles (voiced by Idris Elba) in Knuckles, episode 6, season 1, streaming on Paramount+, 2024. Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures/Sega/Paramount+.
Knuckles (voiced by Idris Elba) in Knuckles, episode 6, season 1, streaming on Paramount+, 2024. Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures/Sega/Paramount+. /
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7. Star Wars: The Acolyte and 8. Star Wars: Skeleton Crew

This might be a bit of a cheat since there are two different Star Wars series scheduled to come out this year, but while they look like they're going to be drastically different, they both automatically get a certain amount of hype by virtue of the fact that they're Star Wars.

The first series Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is set in the era between the original and sequel trilogy, at the same time as other Star Wars shows such as The Mandalorian and Ahsoka. The series is being described as The Goonies set in Star Wars, as it features a cast of kids who are whisked away on an adventure. So far, all the characters we know of are original characters who have never appeared in Star Wars before.

The other Star Wars show, Star Wars: The Acolyte takes place in the High Republic era, set about a hundred years before the events of Episode I. While there have been plenty of books and comics that take place in this era, and one animated series, this will be the first time that The High Republic era is featured in live-action Star Wars

9-12. Marvel Animated series

This one is another cheat to get three more shows on the list, but it's a trend that seems interesting for the future of MCU shows on Disney+. While Echo has already been released, and Agatha from WandaVision is supposed to get her own show at some point this year, there are also three other new shows that are expected to be released in 2024. These three new shows are all animated series, something that has been a longstanding thing for Marvel since the 1960s, but only one animated show has been released in the MCU so far.

This year, we're expecting to get Eyes of Wakanda, a series that tells the history of the Wakandan warriors, You're Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, a prequel series that follows the MCU version of Spider-Man through freshman year, and Marvel Zombies. The third show is an expansion of an episode of What If..., where a zombie virus took over the Marvel universe, something that had been previously explored in a comic series of the same name.

All three shows sound drastically different from one another, but they each feature a chance to really explore what can be done in animation for these characters. Some of the best superhero stories ever have been told in animation so it's exciting to see the MCU dive deeper into the format to see what they might come up with. 

13. Magic: The Gathering

Of all the series that are on this list, it's the one that we know the least about, so if anything ends up getting bumped to 2025 (or disappearing completely), it's most likely going to be this one. Still, the fact that a Magic TV show is in the works at all right now is interesting enough to earn a spot on the list. Most people who are aware of Magic: The Gathering, know it as a card game.

You'll usually see Magic cards being sold alongside other trading card games such as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, however, unlike those other games, Magic: The Gathering isn't based on any pre-existing franchise, but in fact was originally created as a trading card game. Magic: The Gathering technically has a plot as the players take on the roles of Plainwalkers, powerful beings who can travel to different planes of the Multiverse and can cast spells and summon creatures to fight for them.

While it's not critical to know the plot in order to be able to play Magic: The Gathering, the story has been fleshed out over dozens of novels over the years. So to see the story get more attention through a possible series is exciting especially when there have been so many different planes and cards introduced over the years, it's nearly impossible to guess what direction the series will be taking. All we know so far is that Brandon Routh is expected to voice the character Gideon Jura a powerful Planeswalker who first appeared in 2010 in the Rise of the Eldrazi set.