The Boys recap: 10 things to remember about The Boys season 3 ahead of season 4

The Boys Season 4 debuts on June 13 on Prime Video. Before you dive in, there are ten things you need to remember from season 3 and Gen V season 1 and they’re right here.
The Boys Season 4 on Prime Video
The Boys Season 4 on Prime Video /

The Boys is finally back! After the trailers, teasers, and videos from Vought International, season 4 is gearing up to be one of the best. Bam Smack Pow writer Camila Domingues talked with The Boys cast members Erin Moriarty, Claudia Doumit, Karen Fukuhara, and showrunner Eric Kripke. They all agreed this season will be epic.

Before you venture into season 4, here are ten things from season 3 that you need to remember. 

10. Butcher could die in 6 months

The Compound V shots Butcher was taking took years off his life. At the end of season 3, his doctor says Butcher has less than a year to live. With his life cut short, expect Butcher to go harder at Homelander and supes than he has. He has nothing to lose and the means to eliminate anyone with Compound V in their system. It’s similar to how The Boys’ comic book ended.

9. Homelander runs Vought

Homelander set things up to be in charge of Vought International. He isn’t the boss on paper, but that doesn’t matter. Everyone is too scared of him to tell him no. The only person who could was Stan Edgar and he’s gone. This is the most powerful Homelander has been in his life. Will this season be his downfall or will he become more powerful? This isn’t the comic books. Homelander may run for president.

8. Homelander killed a guy

The last time we see Homelander in season 3 he killed someone with multiple witnesses. According to Vought International’s YouTube channel, Homelander’s been on trial. Shocking to no one, he probably won’t serve any time.

Besides Homelander realizing he could do anything, there’s something else concerning. Ryan (Homelander’s son) smiled after the protester was killed. He’s no longer the kid looking to do the right thing. He’s been corrupted by his father. Don’t be shocked when Butcher is forced to kill him.

7. Starlight is part of The Boys

Annie January has dropped the name Starlight and joined The Boys. She’ll do whatever he can to take down Vought International and Homelander. How and if that happens remains to be seen. As I stated before, this isn’t The Boys comic book series. Annie never joined them in the source material. Not knowing what's next makes this season more exciting.

6. Black Noir is back

Homelander killed Black Noir in the final episode of season 3, but he's in the trailers with The Deep and A-Train and later fighting Butcher. Does that mean the original is back? Probably not. Vought may have created a new Black Noir to deal with Homelander when the time is right. Maybe that's someone in a suit being used for publicity.

5. Soldier Boy was captured

After the fight with Homelander, Soldier Boy was taken away by Vought. No one knows where he is or what their plans for him are. If this writer had to guess, Soldier Boy is being experimented on. They see the writing on the wall with Homelander and need a contingency plan for him. Maybe Soldier Boy is the person behind the Black Noir Costume.

4. Queen Maeve

According to the Vought, Queen Maeve died saving people from Soldier Boy (season 3 finale). In actuality, she’s living with her girlfriend and retired from superhero activities. Retired or not, she can still help with The Boys when needed. Maeve isn’t on Dominique McElligott’s IMDb page, but that doesn’t mean she won’t appear.

3. Hughie and Annie’s relationship

Hughie and Annie’s relationship took a hit in season 3 and we should expect awkwardness because of that. Hughie’s insecurities will continue as Annie gets more popular. Hopefully, Hughie’s character will be better than before. He wasn’t that good in season 2.

2. The world knows about Compound V

The secret to superhuman abilities was revealed to the world. Despite being lied to, the public doesn’t seem to care. As long as that’s the case, Vought International will continue to make millions. However, the world may not forgive Vought if more confidential information is revealed.

1. Gen V's connection to season 4

Lastly, we can’t forget what happened in Gen V. Vought International called Cate and Sam the "real" Guardians of Godolkin. Meanwhile, Emma, Marie, Jordan, and Andre (rest in peace to Chance Perdomo) are in an unknown place in a room without doors or windows. All of this will come into play in season 4.

More importantly, Butcher found something that could weaken and kill supes. The trailer shows that Annie isn’t happy about this and calls Butcher’s plan desperate. Butcher may not care what Annie and the rest of The Boys think and go ahead with his scheme.

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What else should you know going into season 4 of The Boys? Are you going to binge the show or watch it weekly?