The Boys season 4: 8 things we want to see in the upcoming season

The fourth season debuts on June 13, 2024, and will continue Homelander’s reign of terror. While that’s an intriguing storyline, these 8 things are also necessary to continue the show’s success.
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The Boys is one of the greatest comic book shows ever. The combination of violence, great stories, and characters has kept fans returning and brought in new viewers. And I expect this to continue. Adding Susan Heyward (Powers) and Valorie Curry (The Lost Symbol) to the Prime Video series will help as well.

In the trailer, Susan Heywards’ character Sister Sage is already seen helping Homelander become a bigger leader to his obsessive fans. It is a nice change from the source material where Homelander didn’t have someone to motivate and steer him in the right direction. Sister Sage will be that person.

Of course, Homelander will eventually kill her when she’s no longer useful. It’s what he does. It’s part of what makes him a great antagonist. While Sister Sage will be amazing, the following 8 things will The Boys season 4 even better!

More characters from the comics

Each season has debuted a different character from The Boys comic book. For example, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play Joe Kessler in season 4. In the comics, Kessler is a sniveling pervert like you’ve never seen. The trailers show that he’s a different character (but that could change). There’s no way Kessler is the only character from the comics we see. This writer hopes to see Jack from Jupiter and Doctor Peculiar. Guess who the latter is based on.

Hughie's evolution

Hughie's character needs to improve this season. It’s unclear if he’s gotten better, worse, or stagnant. He's too important to be used as a punching bag and the butt of a joke. This isn’t Jack Quaid’s fault. Hughie isn’t having the same effect he did in the comics. 

More Stan Edgar

Stan Edgar was let go from his position at Vought International, but he’ll be back. Everyone loves Giancarlo Esposito and Stan Edgar is a perfect character. The video above is only some of his better moments. Bringing him back (even for only a scene or two) will help the show especially if he’s with Homelander.

What's up with Marie?

The biggest question during Gen V was how Marie survived Homelander’s eye lasers. Doing this showed she's among the most powerful supes in The Boys’ universe. Her power set could be the key to defeating Homelander during the series finale, whenever that time comes. Fans of the comic book series may not like it, as this isn't how events play out in the source material. Perhpas things are going to change. We'll see the direction the show decides to go.

The return of Soldier Boy

The last time we saw Soldier Boy alive, he was taken away by Vought International (this isn't counting the dream scene in Gen V). He was put into a coma-like state and tucked away. Let’s be honest, Vought didn’t do this to protect the world. They’re waiting to use him for their own needs. It won’t be surprising when he pops up this season. Possibly during the final episode.

The Black Noir reveal

Black Noir was killed by Homelander during season 3. According to the trailers, Noir is back. During the comics, Black Noir was Vought’s contingency plan against Homelander. At first, it seemed like the show was going in a different direction. The death of the original Black Noir may have changed that. Altering things from the source material has helped The Boys TV show. However, this is one of the things that shouldn't change. It will shock the people who don't see it coming and make the comic book fans happy.

The collaboration of supes

During The Boys No. 47, Homelander brought a group of supes together to overthrow the United States and possibly the world. It makes sense. There isn't anyone on Earth that can stop them. This would be a great way to end season 4. It sets up the next season and Gen V with a heck of a cliffhanger.

A cameo from Garth Ennis

Since Garth Ennis created The Boys comic book, bring him into the show! We’ve seen Stan Lee in multiple Marvel Comics movies and Rob Liefeld in Deadpool. Ennis should be next. Without his greatness, this show doesn’t happen. 

The Boys season 4 premieres Thursday, June 13, 2024 with the first three episodes on Prime Video.

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