The Boys season 4 trailer doesn't hold back! Blood, battle, and the dangerous Gen V crossover

The Boys are back and the new trailer hints Season 4 is going to be the most insane yet!
The Boys season 4, Prime Video
The Boys season 4, Prime Video /

The Boys are back, and even for them, the trailer for Season 4 looks completely insane! Get ready for the wildest ride yet!

The Boys has never shied away from breaking the boundaries of television. This is a show with a shrinking scene that still shocks people. Yet Season 4 looks to amp it up big time with the follow-up to Season 3, where Homelander murdered a protester in public only to be cheered for it. Meanwhile, Butcher discovered he was dying and determined to take down the Seven once and for all. 

This also follows the Gen V series, where Homelander made himself out to be the good guy stopping a riot at the university. More importantly, it revealed that a virus was developed that could kill supes. The final scene showed Butcher discovering it. 

This sets up the Season 4 trailer with Homelander saying the Seven need to stop being celebrities and "become wrathful gods." The return of Black Noir adds to it as it appears Vought is learning too late they can't control these guys. Meanwhile, Butcher has let the team know about the virus, and the boys seem divided about what to do. 

On top of that, it looks like Homelander is trying to become a father to his son, including buying the kid ice cream when he sends a guy flying into a building. Conspicuously absent is secret supe Victoria Neuman, who might be planning a run at the White House with Homelander's aid. 

Who else pops up in the trailer?

There are some fun touches as at one point, Gen V characters Cate Dunlap and Sam Riordan can be seen with the Seven. The finale had them hailed as "heroes'' for "stopping'' the college riot, which in reality they started in the first place. In other words, they fit right in with these fake heroes.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has a prime role as a yet-unnamed character, telling Butcher he needs to stop the supes "before they start rounding us up into camps." He's likely to play a key part in things. We also see new supes Firecracker (Valorie Curry) and Sister Sage (Susan Hayward), with Firecracker living up to her name and threatening the public while Sage seems unsure.

It's not The Boys without some insane stuff, and we get it via a lot of blood, some nasty kills, superpowered flying buffalo, bulletproof chickens, and what looks like Homelander in an ice skating show. Expect even more madness when Season 4 arrives and keeps this always-crazy series at its wildest height yet. 

The Boys season 4 premieres on June 13, exclusively on Prime Video.

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