The Boys season 4 episode 6 preview, date, and time: "Dirty Business"

The Boys is headed to the Tek Cave in episode 6
Credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video. Copyright: © Amazon Content Services LLC
Credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video. Copyright: © Amazon Content Services LLC /

The Boys season 4 returns with a new episode on Prime Video this week. If it feels like the season is flying by faster than a hungry and V'd up flying sheep from Stan Edgar's farm, that's because it is!

Despite this being the fourth week in a row with a new episode of The Boys season 4, there are only two episodes left after The Boys season 4 episode 6, "Dirty Business," airs on Prime Video. That's what happens when Prime Video drops three episodes on the premiere date followed by weekly episodes.

When is the next episode of The Boys season 4?

"Dirty Business," the sixth episode of The Boys season 4 hits Prime Video on Thursday, July 4, at 12:00 a.m. PT / 3:00 a.m. ET.

That's when each new episode of The Boys season 4 has dropped so far. Hopefully, you're getting used to staying up late to watch the new episode and bask in one incredible season of The Boys!

The seventh episode of The Boys season 4 is slated for release on Thursday, July 11, followed by the eighth and final episode of the season on Thursday, July 18. It's going to go quickly now!

The Boys season 4 episode 6 preview

Every Monday, The Boys account on X (formerly Twitter) has been sharing previews for new episodes of the season. On July, fans got the first look at The Boys season 4 episode 6, and it looks wild!

In the preview for episode 6, it appears Tek Knight, played by Derek Wilson, is hosting a party for Supes. Homelander and The Seven appear to be attending. Seeing how the fifth episode went with Homelander encouraging The Seven and the other Supers to kill Cameron Coleman, I'm sure things aren't going to be super chill at Tek Knight's, also known as the Tek Cave.

Everything is not as it seems, though. In the preview, Sage is killed, as is Victoria Neuman, whose head explodes. She's usually the one blowing up the heads of others. I don't know if I trust this teaser! It seems like something is up!

We also have a few clips of Hughie potentially getting tortured, although it might not be Hughie. It would make more sense if it was Sameer Shah, who was taken captive by Butcher and Kessler at the end of episode 5. And, is that Mother's Milk hitting the floor? And, who is the new Supe?

We'll find out in episode 6, "Dirty Business."

What to expect in episode 6

The Boys season 4 Episode 6 Dirty Business
Credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video. Copyright: © Amazon Content Services LLC. /

The thing about what to expect in any episode of The Boys is that it's never what we think is going to happen. There are a few things that we will expect to be addressed.

At the end of the fifth episode, there were a few big reveals. Obviously, Hughie's dad died, so I'm assuming there will be some fallout with that storyline, More importantly, Butcher kidnapped Sameer and is forcing him to remake the virus that can kill Supes, which Butcher will likely use on Homelander or Neuman.

Additionally, Frenchie turned himself in for many murders at a police station in New York City. What will happen to Frenchie? We don't know yet.

And, obviously, we saw Victoria stop Stan's car as he was being taken back to prison after assisting Butcher in trying to find the virus. We have to believe that they'll be working together in the near future.

Plus, I think we all know Sage isn't satisfied with A-Train after the leak was pinned on Cameron Coleman. She's given him a few knowing looks of late, and that's bad news for the fastest Supe alive.

So, that's what we expect to be addressed in episode 6! Anytime there's a big meet up of Supes anywhere but Vought Tower, you know things are about to get wild.

Stay tuned for more news about The Boys season 4 episode 6!