The Boys season 4 episode 6 recap and review: “Dirty Business”

"Dirty Business" is right. Sheesh.
Credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video. Copyright: © Amazon Content Services LLC.
Credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video. Copyright: © Amazon Content Services LLC. /

Following the events of episode 5, The Boys season 4 episode 6, “Dirty Business,” Butcher and Kessler force Sameer Shah to extract and recreate the virus from one of the V’d up sheep from Stan Edgar’s farm. He gives him a week, but Sameer tells him that he needs months. Butcher only has a week. 

The sixth episode of The Boys season 4 revolves around a big event happening at Tek Knight’s mansion. Homelander and members of The Seven will be there to present Sage’s plan to stop Bob Singer and gain power through the legal channels of the US Government. To do that, they need the support of Tek Knight’s billionaire friends, business partners and ventures, and donors. 

Meanwhile, A-Train reveals to the Boys that the Seven and Supes killed Cameron Coleman because he was framed as the leak. Mother’s Milk shares that there’s a Federalist Society gathering at Tek Knight’s mansion. They plan to use Webweaver, who is close to Tek Knight, to get an invite. Webweaver has been an informant for MM in the past. So, they go to his apartment, and – well, I don’t actually know how to describe what MM has to do for Web Weaver, but let’s just say he’s knocked out. 

Hughie impersonates Webweaver, but he gets stuck in the Tek Cave 

Later, Hughie poses as Webweaver and joins the party at Tek Knight’s mansion. The whole gang – Sage, Homelander, Victoria – is there. Hughie’s goal is to place hidden recorders around the mansion so they can find out what’s going on. They’re trying to figure out what Sage is up to during the fundraiser.

Hughie crosses paths with Tek Knight, who invites Hughie to the Tek Cave. Tek Knight pulls a book in his library, which reveals a hidden elevator that leads to a sex dungeon of sorts. Hughie loses contact with MM, Kimiko, and Annie. Tek Knight’s old sidekick is there chained to the wall in a red, full-body latex suit. Hughie is doomed. 

Annie convinces MM and Kimiko to go in after Hughie. Kimiko lets them in a side window, and they try to find Hughie in the mansion, but they have to be cool. If anyone finds them, they are dead, dead, and dead. 

In the sex dungeon, Tek Knight makes Webweaver, who is actually Hughie, sit down and fart on a chocolate cake while he does his thing. 

Side-bar: This might be the most disturbing episode of The Boys yet, and that’s insane. This show has had so many disturbing moments, but nothing has made me feel the way I do while watching this episode. 

Then, Ashley shows up in the dungeon. They tie Webweaver, who, again, is actually Hughie, up, and get to business tickling him. Hughie tries to guess Webweaver’s safe word, but he can’t think of it. 

While trying to find Hughie, Annie runs into Firecracker. She apologizes to her for the past, and then Annie stabs her with a tranquilizer, which knocks out Firecracker. Annie hides her body in a bedroom. 

Back in the Tek Cave, Tek Knight realizes that Webweaver isn’t actually Webweaver when Hughie can't think of Webweaver's safe word. He pulls off the mask, revealing Hughie. I’ll leave out the gruesome details about what he’s going to do to Hughie, but it ain’t good! 

Kimiko and MM find Tek Knight’s library, but Sage is there. MM pulls his gun on her while Kimiko opens the secret elevator. Sage talks some s*** to MM and challenges him. He shoots her in the head as Kimiko finds the lever to open the elevator. MM, then, collapses like he’s had a heart attack! What’s going on? 

Kimiko runs to get A-Train and uses book titles to convince him to save MM. A-Train runs him to the hospital, where a young child sees him at lights up at the sight of the world’s fastest hero. 

In the Tek Cave, Annie and Kimiko save Hughie from Tek Night just as he’s about to cut Hughie open. 

Tek Knight’s old sidekick opens up his laptop, and the gang starts making donations worth hundreds of millions to Tek Knight’s least favorite organizations, including Liz Warren, The Innocence Project, Black Lives Matter, and more. Finally, Tek Knight reveals Homelander and Sage’s true plan to use his prisons to set up internment camps for their opponents. Yikes! 

Just then, Tek Knight’s caretaker, who has apparently been in the dungeon the whole time, strangles Tek Knight and claims he’ll make it look like an accident. As Hughie, Kimiko, and Annie escape, the caretaker reveals that Webweaver’s safe word is “Zendaya.” 

MM survives his health scare. It was just a panic attack, not a heart attack, but he needs to learn how to control his stress levels before it kills him. 

Hughie has a breakdown back at the Boys HQ after Ashley assaulted him and his father died. Annie comforts him. 

Kimiko tries, again, to visit Frenchie, who is largely absent from this episode, at prison, but he keeps denying her visitation requests. 

Homelander and Sage make their pitch to invoke the 25th Amendment 

This is the whole reason this soiree has been set up. Homelander, Sage, and Victoria are planning to make a move on Bob Singer, but they need the backing of billionaire donors to make it happen. 

After she arrives, Homelander reveals to Victoria that there’s a secret meet-up later to convince them to commit treason. Victoria has officially been looped in on the deal. Homelander also questions Victoria about Stan Edgar and his release from prison, but she denies knowing anything about it. Homelander, for how dumb he has been, seems quite smart this season. 

Victoria opens up to Sage, and Sage returns the favor and opens up to her in return. She tells a story about finding a cure to save her grandmother when she was a kid. The doctors laughed at her. Sage reveals her true intentions to win this thing, to take control of the country. She asks Victoria if she’s in or out. Victoria is so very in! 

But, it’s a struggle! After taking the gunshot from MM, Sage’s brain has reverted to its more naive, younger, and stupider form, but this time, it’s not self-inflicted. She’s dumb af right now. She's basically Deep.

Homelander takes the reins and makes his pitch to the mega-donors to invoke the 25th amendment once Bob Singer takes office. They push back on Homelander’s plan. Sage should step in, but she’s incapacitated. And, that’s where Victoria steps up and takes over the pitch. Following her earlier conversation with Sage, she’s stepping up to run this coup. 

The only problem is that the bugs Hughie planted record her whole speech. Not good for Homelander, Sage, and Victoria’s plan. 

Homelander gets a new mommy 

Back at Vought Tower, Firecracker reveals to Homelander that Annie was at the mansion, that Tek Knight is dead, and Sage ruined their plan. Homelander realizes that Cameron Coleman wasn’t the leak. Firecracker throws Sage under the bus for lying, and then she shoots her shot. 

She thanks Homelander for changing her life. She comes on to him, but it’s “not about sex” to her. “It’s about loyalty,” Firecracker says. She sprays him in the face with breast milk. 

She’s not pregnant, but she’s been taking drugs for a long time to make it happen. “You did this for me?” Homelander asks. “I’ll do anything for you,” she says. “Anything.” And, then Homelander’s fully breast-feeding on Firecracker minutes later. 

Butcher realizes that Kessler is not real

Butcher, who has been largely absent since the start of the episode aside from a few moments with himself trying to understand his next best move, is puking into a sink. The hallucinations are getting worse. Becca tells him not to kill one Homelander to end up with another, a reference to Ryan. 

At the end of the episode, Butcher presents Sameer with the materials needed to create a better strain of the virus to kill Homelander. Sameer tells him that the virus would become unstable. It would kill all the Supes. Becca appears and tries to get Butcher to stop what he’s doing, while Kessler tries to get Butcher to keep going and force Sameer to make the virus. 

That’s when it’s revealed that all of this stuff with Kessler is happening inside Butcher’s head. His V ’d-up brain tumor is causing these hallucinations. 

The reveal is quite underwhelming. It’s been clear for weeks that Kessler is in Butcher’s head, but it does present an interesting dilemma for Butcher moving forward. He wants to kill all the Supes! Is he going to try? 

We’ll find out next week on The Boys!

The Boys season 4 episode 6 . A. "Dirty Business" is the weirdest and most unsettling episode of The Boys season 4 by far, but finally, the curtain has been pulled back on what Homelander and Sage have been planning. With only two episodes remaining Butcher and the Boys are on a collision course with Homelander and Vought, which is everything we've been hoping for since the series began. Who will come out on top? . . "Dirty Business"