The Chi season 6 and 3 more shows to stream this weekend (May 11-12)

Ready for a weekend of shows to watch? The Chi season 6 is just one of our top suggestions for this weekend.
(L-R): Iman Shumpert as Rob and Hannaha Hall as Tiff in THE CHI, “I Am the Blues”. Photo credit: Elizabeth Sisson/SHOWTIME.
(L-R): Iman Shumpert as Rob and Hannaha Hall as Tiff in THE CHI, “I Am the Blues”. Photo credit: Elizabeth Sisson/SHOWTIME. /

The weekend is here, and we couldn’t be happier! It means some great shows to tune into, and The Chi is just one of those on the list.

It doesn’t matter what genre you love the most. There is something for everyone across the streaming platforms and premium cable networks. Now you just need to decide what you’re watching first. Let’s face it; you’ll eventually get to everything.

Here’s everything you’ll want to check out this weekend:

  • The Chi season 6
  • Doctor Who season 14 (or season 1 depending on who you’re talking to)
  • Interview with the Vampire season 2
  • Expedition from Hell

Let’s dive into each of those shows to check out what to expect and the schedules to catch every single episode as soon as they drop.

The Chi (Paramount+)

The second half of The Chi season 6 has begun. Things kick off with Episode 9, titled “The Aftermath,” but you may want to watch the first eight episodes again first. It’s been a long wait for these episodes! Relationships are tested as we pick up with the consequences from how it all ended in Episode 8. Life on the South Side of Chicago is raw and hard, and The Chi represents all of that and more.

Episodes air on Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime. You can also stream the series on Paramount+ with Showtime on Fridays each week.

Doctor Who (Disney+)

It’s time to delve back into the crazy and fun world of The Doctor and their companions. Ncuti Gatwa has taken over the iconic role, but this time, The Doctor is a little different. Instead of a whole new iteration, we saw bi-generation happen. No. 14 gets to live a normal life with Donna and her family while No. 15 continues to save the world in Doctor Who.

He needs to figure out the mystery of Ruby Sunday, who was introduced in the 2023 Christmas Day special. The first two episodes are now available on Disney+. After that, episodes will air weekly on Fridays starting at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT.

Interview with the Vampire (AMC and AMC+)

How about a horror series that is an adaptation of a beloved novel? Interview with the Vampire has made some substantial changes to the Anne Rice story, but we’re hear for them. The second season picks up with Louis and Claudia now in Europe, believing that they succeeded in the death of Lestat back home.

While in Europe, they come across Armand, the Old Vampires, and the theater of vampires who kill humans in front of other humans for show. In the present day, Louis and Armand continue to tell their story. Episodes air on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC and stream on AMC+.

Expedition from Hell (Discovery)

Are you in the mood for a docuseries? Discovery has you covered with this one. Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes follows Mickey Grosman, a former special forces demolitions expert who headed to South America on a journey that was supposed to be a charity trek for cancer. Participants travelled 5,000 miles across the deepest parts of the Amazon jungle, but not everything was as it was meant to be.

Only one made it through this journey: Grosman. The journey became one of survival with missing people, prison escapes, and kidnapping. It’s time to find out what happened. Episodes air on Discovery at 10 p.m. ET/PT with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, May 12. After that, there is one episode per week. Episodes go to discovery+ to stream.

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