HBO’s The Last of Us has their Abby for Season 2

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Kaitlyn Dever is best known for her roles in Booksmart, No One Will Save You, Dopesick, Justified, and mostly notably for the comedic sitcom with Tim Allen Last Man Standing. Kaitlyn will now embark on a new journey with HBO in the second season of The Last of Us playing Abby Anderson.

Dever is another Golden Globe-nominated actress who will bring both talent and grit to the second season. She will be joining the ranks of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey alongside Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann for The Last of Us in the critical portrayal of Abby.

The Last of Us is, of course, the most successful video game to television adaptation. Season 2 does not have a return date where we may not see the show until 2025.

But HBO is already basking in the success of the first season. This award season has already brought the show several Creative Arts Emmys.

Who is Abby from The Last of Us?

The character of Abby is a skilled soldier whose black-and-white view of the world is challenged, as she seeks vengeance for those she loved. Those who have played the game know the tense connection between her and Joel Miller.

It will be interesting to see how Craig and Neil handle the storyline or if they will go off-script. We are hoping for the latter.

Dever is also an Emmy-nominated actress for her role in Dopestick. This is the kind of talent you expect from HBO.

The network gets a lot of slack from others for winning and being nominated for countless awards but there is good reason for that. It’s not that other people are always snubbed, it’s that HBO has the resources and wherewithal to hire the best of the best, all the way down from crew members, to writing teams, to the actors and producers.

And that is why you see shows like The Last of Us getting all the accolades it has received. There has been some criticism that Kaitlyn is not quite as muscular as Abby in the game but there was also much criticism before season 1 aired and Bella Ramsey was cast.

Bella later quieted those critics and became the best Ellie that fans could ask for. The biggest thing that Dever brings to the show is talent and she has a fabulous way of bringing comedy and drama to her roles that will help season 2 thrive.

Adding her to the mix now brings a trio of both Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actors. Sometimes there are no pleasing gaming fans but I fully trust the vision of Mazin and Druckmann.

Sometimes you just have to believe. They both believe in telling the story the way it should be told.

This could upset some passionate fans but trusting in the process will go a long way. Welcome to The Last of Us family Kaitlyn.

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