There is no new episode of Love Island USA season 6 tonight! (What to watch instead)

Sorry, fellow islanders! There is no new episode of Peacock's reality dating show Love Island USA tonight. But it'll be back before you know it!
Love Island season 6 on Peacock
Love Island season 6 on Peacock /

Just when we thought things couldn't get wilder, Casa Amor enters the chat! Love Island USA season 6 has split the men and women and we've got a real Mojo Dojo Casa House situation in our hands!

Spoiler alert! If you are not caught up on Love Island USA season 6 on Peacock, please note there are spoilers ahead as we discuss the latest happenings at the villa. Go catch up before reading on.

Well...this was unexpected! Am I the only fool who really thought Kaylor and Aaron were endgame? I mean, they haven't called it quits yet, but I would not want Aaron back if he was able to turn his head THAT quickly. It seriously took Daniela no effort to catch Aaron's attention and he is not holding back. Not even a little bit. At the same time, I feel like Aaron and Daniela just make sense? Unpopular opinion here (maybe), but I think they have more chemistry than Aaron and Kaylor do. It doesn't make what Aaron is doing right, he should have gone about it better and handled things in a more respectful manner -- but this is Love Island USA, the boys leave "respect" once they enter the island.

It's going to be a game changer when Serena and Kaylor find out what their guys have been up to. Some of the other ladies may be surprised, too, but none more than Serena and Kaylor. And that is one episode you do not want to miss! That said, we'll have to wait until we can check it out.

Love Island USA returns this Thursday, July 4

Fear not, islanders! Our favorite drama-packed reality show is back tomorrow, Thursday, July 4. The schedule for new episodes of Love Island USA has always been a little crazy. It airs six days a week: Thursday through Tuesday, so it skips Wednesdays. However, Sunday episodes are "Aftersun" specials that go over what happened that week and not really a continuation of events. The days we really have to tune in are Thursday through Saturday, and then again Monday and Tuesday. Don't worry, though, Show Snob will be here to remind you, just as we are today!

Since there is no new episode of Love Island USA tonight, may we suggest Peacock's Couple to Throuple for your love-drama cravings? It's just as scandalous and fun as Love Island USA. Another favorite is Summer House and The Traitors, both also streaming on Peacock. Let us know what you end up watching tonight!

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