Who is Miguel Harichi on Love Island USA season 6? (Who will he couple up with?)

Here's everything we know about Miguel Harichi on Love Island USA season 6.
LOVE ISLAND USA -- Episode 609 -- Pictured: (l-r) Leah Kateb, Miguel Harichi -- (Photo by: Ben Symons/Peacock)
LOVE ISLAND USA -- Episode 609 -- Pictured: (l-r) Leah Kateb, Miguel Harichi -- (Photo by: Ben Symons/Peacock) /

Well, it is about time! Another man has arrived at the villa to even the playing field on Love Island USA. It's not fair that the men (Rob, specifically) were the last to admire new bombshells. Rob is in his third "relationship" at the villa. And yes, if it wasn't already obvious, I'm Team Leah. However, in the last episode, Leah did start getting a tad annoying talking nonstop about Rob. Get over it, girl! But it's hard to get over a guy when there are no new men at the villa, isn't it?

In walks Miguel towards the end of episode 9 and gets to kiss every girl. Let's just say he made a very passionate first impression. But will Miguel couple up with Leah or will he set his sights on another beauty? Let's also not forget that Connor, who is still with JaNa, is showing interest in Leah. Are we getting another love triangle or more of a fight between friends JaNa and Leah? Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's meet islander newbie Miguel Harichi.

Source Meaww shares that Miguel Harichi is a fitness model. Now, we haven't seen too much of him on Love Island USA season 6 just yet, but I believe it! One other thing I don't need to research to know is that Miguel is a very confident man. I mean, is there a bolder way to display confidence than by giving all the ladies a steamy makeout session? I don't think so!

Miguel Hariachi job, Instagram, and more

First, let's breakdown the details we know before we share more information on it.

  • Miguel's job: Fitness model, former actor (or maybe still acting?)
  • Where is Miguel Hariachi from: Miguel is from London.
  • Miguel's Instagram and social media: Links to his socials are below! Miguel is the most active on Instagram.
  • Who is Miguel coupled up with: Sorry, folks! We were not able to find this information for you. But from the teasers, Miguel has his eyes on JaNa, Andrea, and Nicole.
Love Island USA - Season 6
LOVE ISLAND USA -- Episode 609 -- Pictured: (l-r) Serena Page, Miguel Harichi, Nicole Jacky -- (Photo by: Ben Symons/Peacock) /

Where is Miguel Harichi from and what does he do for a living?

Girl, we have done all the research so you don't have to! Again Miguel is a fitness model and he keeps his Instagram page up to date with workout photos, modeling, and shirtless shots. You can follow him on social media HERE at miguel_harichi, where his bio reads "Your daily dose of fitness content." Additionally, Miguel has a YouTube channel that shows off a more fun, laid-back side of him. Well, sorta, there's only one video so far.

Oh, but wait! Did you think being a fitness model is the only accomplishment under Miguel's belt? No, ma'am! The reality star also has acting credits! Most notably, Miguel starred in Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ as Danthony (first appearing in the episode "Goodbye Earl") a minor role, sure, but still nice to have on your resume!

Who will Miguel Harichi couple up with on Love Island USA season 6?

Miguel's last social media post is of him walking into the Love Island USA villa about seven hours ago (at the time of this post). Before that, we see model shots and workout videos. Miguel posts often, but we could not find anything about a possible relationship. This isn't too surprising, Peacock obviously wants all participants to keep quiet until we see it for ourselves. That said, we have no idea if he is currently with anyone.

However, in the teaser for tonight's (June 21) episode, we see Miguel having a nice chat with a few of the ladies at the villa, including JaNa. Connor shouldn't be too disappointed about this, since he is now more into Leah. But we'll see, because the tonight's teaser also shows JaNa and Leah arguing. Ugh, I hate to see this. JaNa and Leah were two of the first women at the villa and became instant friends, along with Serena. Let's keep the friendships, girls! These men don't deserve you! My hope is that Miguel goes after Andrea so that she breaks Rob's heart the way he did Leah.

Love Island USA season 6 episode 10 premieres tonight, June 21, at 9 p.m. ET, only on Peacock. Don't miss it!