True Detective Dream Director: John Hillcoat


John Hillcoat is responsible for at least two of the most visually arresting films of the last decade, but he has yet to become a household name. 2005’s The Proposition and 2009’s The Road are stunning visual works with a significant amount of dramatic weight. The settings of both of both are different on paper, yet remarkably similar on screen — deep Australian outback and post-apocalyptic America, respectively. Both deal with a devastated landscape that houses certain levels of lawlessness.

The Proposition stars Guy Pearce, who is one of our Dream Casting choices. So, ya know, synergy.

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This is all to say that Hillcoat was practically made for True Detective. Although there’s not necessarily a Western vibe in the series, by sticking to small-town settings that are seemingly removed from larger society True Detective creates a similar feeling in its tone and visuals.

Much like season one director Cary Fukunaga, Hillcoat is largely a visual director and True Detective thrives on strong visuals. Much like season one, we need to feel the setting of the second season, and Hillcoat is a director that could achieve that.

So, what are the chances? Not great. Hillcoat is currently filming a police heist film called Triple Nine, and it’s highly unlikely that he would break away to film an episode or two of True Detective. But we can always hope for the future. Are you familiar with Hillcoat’s work? What do you think about his True Detective credentials?