Can We Expect the Same Beautiful Cinematography from True Detective Season Two?


The first season of True Detective was a beauty to behold. The areas of Louisiana visited by Rust and Marty were beautifully rendered and gave a distinct post-apocalytpic feel. The landscapes were largely barren, with even the suburbs taking on a remote feel. There is truly something to be said for location scouting.

Season two is currently set to take place in California, but away from L.A in a more suburban setting. The makeup of California is quite different from Louisiana, and it’s just one of the many difference that season two will offer. We have the possibility for more abandoned structures, and of course the desert depending on how far creator Nic Pizzolatto intends show.

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The Louisiana setting of the first season was its own character, right there beside Marty and Rust. Always hiding something, and always seemingly closing in. Even the wide tracking shots in the first season were a sight to behold, making it seem like our two main characters were trapped in a sort of wilderness that at least one of them didn’t really understand.

Forsaking the lights and glamour of L.A is a smart idea; too much has already been done there. If True Detective is about creating something new and different, L.A could only be considered a backslide. There are many facets of season two that are exciting, but this is definitely close to the top. Just how they’re going to choose to render California is one of the many exciting unknowns.

If California doesn’t seem like its own character, a living, breathing beast, it will be disappointing. After seeing what was done with Louisiana, however, it’s unlikely that we’re going to be let down. True Detective did just win a Creative Arts Emmy for Cinematography, after all.