The Importance of the Opening Credits to True Detective Season Two


The opening credit sequence of True Detective has practically become iconic. It’s an artistic piece all its own that tells you, among other things, that if you thought this was going to be an average cop story, you’re wrong. The images are haunting and affecting without going over the top.

HBO has had a large number of memorable title sequences, including Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, Sex and the City, and even True Blood. It’s obvious that a lot of work goes into these sequences, and so it’s become one of the exciting elements of True Detective’s second season.

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The main titles sequence of the first season is now officially Emmy-winning, which certainly ups the stakes for the second season. The second season will have to carve its own path without alienating those that loved the first, and the same goes for the opening credits. Even something as seemingly minor as that could have a large effect on viewers.

It’s no question that it’s going to be different right off the bat, if only because the setting and cast are different. It’s a small, yet very delicate piece of the whole. And just like every other aspect of the series, don’t expect to hear a word about it until everything lined up just right.

Opening credits cannot make or break a show, but they can edge it in either direction. How important did you think the season one opening credits were? And how different do you think the second season credits should be? Do you even think they should use The Handsome Family again?