Will True Detective really begin filming in September?


The second season of the hit HBo series True Detective is right around the corner but there is still some doubt as to just how far along the show is in production.

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Up until now, there has been nothing but rumors about the show — so much so that even when Michael Lombardo says something we hold reservations. That’s the case with the announcement last month by HBO that True Detective will begin it’s second season production schedule in September.

Granted, it’s not even September yet so to be skeptical of production starting may be a bit cynical but it isn’t that misplaced of a notion. There were rumors of the cast being announced as far back as July and that never happened, so fans have the right to be skeptical of things.

That being said, the cast needs to be announced before the second season starts production, which means until that happens cameras aren’t rolling. Someone might be out in California getting B-roll footage and establishing shots but as far as the meat of the production, True Detective season two isn’t moving anywhere very fast.