True Detective Piracy Skyrockets after Emmy’s


Perhaps it’s just more proof that people really do care about award shows, but regardless of the reason True Detective has seen a record increase in illegal downloads post-Emmy’s. True Detective wasn’t the big winner that some thought it would be, in fact, it only took home a single award for Best Director during the live ceremony.

Of course, another four Emmy’s were won previously at the Creative Arts portion of the event but those tend not be as well advertised.

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Illegal downloads of True Detective blasted up to an over 300% increase after the awards. That’s nothing to sneeze at. The series is available to purchase in a myriad of forms from various retailers, and is streaming through HBO GO and now Netflix.

It just goes to show that there is a serious drive to catch up quickly with a pop-culture phenomenon such as True Detective.

Breaking Bad saw the largest increase in piracy rates, reach up over 400%. If True Detective had won more awards, it’s possible that it’s rates would have been similar. As it stands, maybe we have to wait another year to hear about any record-setting downloads.

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